Snarky (and not so Snarky) Saturday


You can’t show real boobs on TV. Or maybe just dancing boobs are allowed. And I ain’t talking about Kate Gosselin.

As an aspiring writer I learned the wrong way to go about dealing with a rejection.

And, of course, found a little site that addresses this issue. Check out #16.

I haven’t heard from Rick Springfield, yet. He’s not following me nor has be friended me. What’s up, Rick?!

Not so Snarky
Love this video (Incarnation being painted by Mark Ryden)and love the song with it (Dustin O’Halleran, Opus 28, Piano Solos No. 2). Amazing talent, even if the raw meat pictures made me slightly nauseous.

I love this! Now I really really want a walrus. Too bad we got rid of the pool…

If this ain’t the picture of the week…

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