My Babies Are Men Today

Jeremy & Jermaine

I remember the first time we met them. We were all so scared! They were dressed in matching outfits and were so polite. They had to trust us that we would be good parents. They were seven years old and had no choice, really. They were lost in the DCFS system, living at the whim of foster parents and caseworkers.

We all moved into our house at the same time. Jim was upstairs building bunk beds with our nephew. My mother-in-law and Janet were putting away kitchen things. I was unpacking boxes, taking phone calls from the lost caseworker.

Then we were a family. A ready-made family.

I wish I had been a better mother. But we were all learning as we went along. It’s a little overwhelming to start your parenting career with a seven year old! But we survived.

I can honestly say that we picked the best kids ever! I am so incredibly proud of the young men they have become. Kind, generous, funny. I thank God for them each and every day.

Thank you, God!

5 thoughts on “My Babies Are Men Today

  1. Hi Susie ~

    You are a great Mother and it shows in your boys everyday! Happy Birthday to your boys today! I can’t believe you have kids that old…lol
    Reading your article today was like watching one of those Hallmark shows I love and get teary eyed at….


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