Happy Birthday, Jim! 10 things on 10/10/10

It’s got to be a magical day to have a birthday on, right? Ten is such a nice round number!

I thought I’d wish Jim a happy happy birthday by listing 10 things I love about him! In no particular order…

  1. He’s a great dad. He’s coached little league forever. He’s encouraged the boys in sports.
  2. He’s pretty funny. Even if we moan and groan at his endless puns, we still laugh when he makes them!
  3. He’s a hard worker. He truly believes in giving his all to his job while he’s there. He works long and hard.
  4. He knows how to disconnect from work when he leaves there. There are no work emails or phone calls ruining family time.
  5. He’s disciplined. Every day he has his routines and he sticks to them. It’s an amazing thing to watch!
  6. He’s adorable. Seriously, I think my husband is the hottest and the sexiest guy around. Yes, even more than Rick Springfield.
  7. He’s athletic. When we were first dating and he told me he had run 12 miles that morning, I immediately asked if he needed to rest for the entire day. Well, he didn’t. He’s like the energizer bunny…he never stops.
  8. He’s encouraged me on all my ventures and has never said “told you so” when something fails.
  9. He’s genuinely kind. He cares about people and he care about making them feel good.
  10. He’s an engineer by day and a musician by night. It doesn’t seem fair that I am his only audience when he plays his guitar at night.

Happy, happy birthday, Jim! I love you more than anything!

xo Susie

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