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I generally don’t watch television news. I have no use for it. It seems it’s all negative. If there aren’t enough negative things to cover that day, they re-hash things that have already spun through viral email. Plus, I am always appalled by the “Chicago connection” that must be mentioned for every major event that happens around the world in the local news programs.

I came across this link about an Italian mother being informed of her daughter’s murder allegedly at the hand of her brother-in-law on live television. It only reinforces how low “journalism” has sunk.

This poor mother. Imagine how she must have felt. The shock. The denial. The anger. The horror. All captured on live television.

I think my disdain for the media ties right into my current disdain for politics. What happened to checking and re-checking your sources? I took high school journalism. Believe me, Fr. Blaine would never have let some of this stuff that’s passing for news today by his trusty red pen. Mr. Wessling taught me to back up every claim with a source.

Those don’t seem to be the rules in Journalism circa 2000+. Journalists appear to repeat things without checking facts. News articles are filled with opinions. News isn’t about opinions. It’s about facts. Sometimes it’s difficult to know if you’re reading an actual news story and a blog post.

Whether in print or on air, quotes are whittled down or twisted to milk the most drama from them. I’ve personally experienced this several times in my social services career. The only time a reporter got things right was when the Chicago Tribune did an article on our family for adoption day when we went to court for Aaron. When I hear a victim of news mis-quoting, I always believe them.

Again, I have no solution. Except I don’t tune into television news shows. I question every thing I read and hear. If possible, I research the topic on the internet to see if I can get to the truth.

Maybe it’s time that the American people, heck the people of the world!, came together and say that half-assed journalism isn’t enough for us. We want non-biased, opinion-free reports of the news. We want the truth, no matter how difficult.

This isn’t even a new issue. Didn’t Don Henley cover it rather nicely in Dirty Laundry? Enjoy this version by the Eagles. But ask yourself if you’re really willing to settle for half the truth. Don’t we deserve more? After all, it’s the “information age.”

4 thoughts on “Manic Media Today

  1. I truly beleive the media is to blame for so many things that happen on a daily basis. At one time I was convinced that CNN owned the world tho, so I might not be a good judge of character and perhaps I should up my paranoia meds…just sayin.

    • The media doesn’t seem capable of nonbiased reporting, that’s for sure! I’d rather have CNN own the world than FOX News! lol Maybe I should borrow some paranoia meds…

      xo Susie

  2. I completely agree. And checking and rechecking info is even more important in this digital age. I get emails from my 85 year old dad that he forwards and most of it is proven false. Especially the political stuff. I have become fairly jaded when it comes to online and tv news media. Though I do still tune into my local fox news at 10 even though there is probably about 8 minutes worth of any real news in an hour broadcast. Sad. News-lite. Easily digestable by the masses.

    • News-lite is the perfect way to say it! I think this is all especially hard for older people because they don’t understand how fundamentally dishonest the internet can be! They grew up trusting politicians and people in charge. I grew up questioning everything. I’ve gotten into serious disagreements with relatives over emails. Suggesting they research them resulted in serious problems!

      xo Susie

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