Rick Springfield’s Book Released Today

Today’s the day, Rick Springfield fans! Rick’s long-anticipated book Late, Late at Night is being released!

I have pre-ordered my copy. So that I can HAVE IT SIGNED AT A BOOK SIGNING! Yes, I will get to “meet” Rick Springfield. It’s been a long-time coming!

I will be giving Jim camera lessons so that he can take the perfect picture. I will be polishing the “good” tiara in case I decide to wear it.

I hope I don’t drool on him.

Mostly, I hope I don’t end up on one of those websites where someone feels sorry for Rick and his motley fans. I want a real smile in the picture. Not one of those forced smiles I’ve seen Rick sporting.

Although, my incessant tweeting and blogging about him might make him wary. I might have made it onto some rabid fan watch list.

Seriously, Rick, I won’t hurt you.

If I had my own television show–let’s call it Susie–I would bring back the cast of the Jessie’s Girl video. Wouldn’t a reunion be stellar? Plus, I would ask Steve Antin (aka Jessie) all about being in two of my favorite movies: The Last American Virgin and The Goonies.

If I had my own magazine–let’s call it S–I would interview you and your wife. I want to hear her side of being married to a heart throb. I would ask you about Saint Sahara and 3 Warning Shots. I’d want you to meet my family because I think they’re pretty swell. You could bring your family. We could have a barbecue. You could pet my dogs.

I’m probably scaring him even more…

Here’s one of my favorites

4 thoughts on “Rick Springfield’s Book Released Today

  1. you lost him at “you can pet my dogs”…
    thats a true deal breaker…look for men with dark glasses talking into their sleeves at the book signing. they might also be looking at a small picture of someone they feel may be a threat to Sir Rick…just sayin!!!!

    • Rick lost his long-time pet, Gomer, this summer. He tweeted that he missed dogs. So my three dogs would be wonderful substitutes! After spending time with them, he wouldn’t miss dogs any more! I thought that would be a deal-maker!

      xo Susie

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