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The Blog Gang’s second outing is taking on the subject of happiness. Be sure to check out all the wonderful posts on this subject. You’ll find links at the end!

How do you define happiness? Research once suggested that our happiness level was a set point and we didn’t deviate on either side by very much. However, recent studies have suggested that we are more in control of our happiness than once thought.

Maybe it’s my advancing age (can someone say “middle age”?) but I find myself defining happiness as “contentment.” Several years ago, right after becoming a stay at home mom, I went through a rough patch. Suddenly relying on your husband for total monetary support is a complete act of faith. You trust that he will be taking care of your and your children. You sacrifice your job skills and position in your field. You spend day after day with a small being who is equal parts frighteningly and amazingly like yourself.

I started remembering day dreams from Young Susie. Where I would be. Who I would be. Who would be with me. Something amazing happened.

Not only had my deepest day dreams really come true. But in even better ways! If those dreams could come true, what else was possible?

That began my practice of gratitude. With it came contentment. I’ve realized that happiness is always there. In the small and huge moments.

It’s a favorite song on the radio. It’s watching your son stuffing his pockets with leaves and sticks on the way home from school. It’s watching your husband sleep. It’s watching in amazement as your graceful sons play sports. It’s laughing until your sides hurt with friends.

Happiness can be found almost everything and everywhere. Yes, there are times that happiness seems so far away that you know you’ll never find it again. But we do always seem to find it.

Or it finds us.

I can’t imagine living a life without happiness and contentment. I can’t imagine focusing on the past or the negative all the time. I’ve made it my life’s mission to try and add happiness into the life of everyone I encounter. I hope it’s working!

16 thoughts on “Blog Gang: Happiness

  1. wonderful, Susie! With each year that passes, I’m realizing that contentment is “the key”, too – used to be “Things” – i thought so, anyway. When i was younger, i just wanted stuff like a big house, nice car, blahblah… then i got older and realized, “hey, living off of my salary and my husband’s grad school stipend for 7 years does not equal a big house and a Mercedes!” Instead, I’ve learned that our adventures in life and just being together with our little cat make me happiest. I don’t need the big house. I don’t need the Mercedes – I’ll keep renting and i would definitely ride a bike if i had to – because really, I’m happy with life. It’s pretty cool. Especially laughing ’till my sides hurt, like you wrote – there can never be enough moments like that! They’re my faves!

    Happy Blog gang Thursday! 😀

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  3. Negativity is literally like a vacuum; once you are pulled into it, you’re sucked into a vortex that spiral ever downward. It’s so great to read your post– I actually posted something on a similar topic on Monday. I find that as I practive releasing my attachment to things– my opinions, for example– I actually feel happier. (in case you want to read it). I’m so glad I found your blog!

  4. I am fairly certain there is a good ratio between friends/bourbon/skinny jeans/hot bartenders=happiness. Just sayin.

    Seriously, I do find simple things bring so much happiness. Life is less complicated than we make it.

  5. Beautiful post! And thank you for the Blog Gang! I believe (most of the time 🙂 happiness is a choice. One of my favorite sayings on Happiness is by Souza: Happiness is a journey, not a destination.

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