Review & Giveaway: Dominick’s Just for U Program

My most-hated household chore is grocery shopping. It is something I literally dread and something I don’t do pleasantly. When I was approached by Hilary from Dominick’s about their new Just for U program, I reluctantly agreed to give it a try. I am so glad I did!

I’m an organized shopper. Each week I make a list of meals I will make and then write out my list accordingly. The one thing I’m not so good at is coupons. Seriously, I always forget them. Or grow bored cutting them out. Or never use them before the expiration date.

That’s why the Just for U program proved to be an excellent fit for me! I registered for the program, linking it with my Dominick’s Fresh Values card. Then I went through the coupons available and added them to my Fresh Values card!

No cutting, no sorting, no worrying about expiration dates. They were right on the card I used when I checked out. By the way, if you forget your card, you can give the checker your phone number! It was so much fun watching the total grocery bill being reduced and reduced and reduced on the register! My grocery bill last week was around $151, after $25+ savings through the Fresh Values and Just for U programs.

I just glanced at the coupons for this week (they are updated weekly) and see that Progresso Vegetable Classic Soups (18-19oz.)  are $.88 each and Cheetos or Fritos (7.75-9.5oz.) are $1.49! The boys might get snacks!

I also want to add that my shopping experience at the Dominicks on Gary Avenue in Bloomingdale, Illinois, was wonderful! The store is pleasant. The butcher actually asked me what I was looking for and helped me. The clerk who checked me out was talkative and engaging. Honestly, shopping at this Dominick’s was almost relaxing. Wow, I can’t believe I said that about grocery shopping!

Just for U is a new program with Dominick’s. Chicago is only the second market to get it. Right after Hawaii!

I want you to give this program a shot! Register for the Just for You program. Pick out your coupons and shop! To make it even easier, I am giving away 6 gift cards of $25 each! All you have to do to be entered for the drawing is add a comment below. I will draw 6 winners on Friday, October 29, 2010. Winners will be notified via email, so make sure that it’s included in your contact information!

Good luck!

12 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway: Dominick’s Just for U Program

  1. I hate grocery shopping too. Coupons hate me. I always pull them out of the Sunday inserts and keep the ones that I want. But I never really get to the point of clipping them out, having them on hand when I go shopping and actually use them.

  2. sounds like this would be perfect for me… i’m great at looking the coupons up, sometimes at printing them, but cutting them out and remembering them—not so much.

  3. I havent shopped at Dominicks for a long time. Whenever I went for their special sales, the items I wanted were always gone. One of the cashiers told me that a lot of people complain about that and gave me form to fill out. Well, I didnt fill out the form, but I stopped looking at their ads and stopped going there all together! Maybe the new program will be better? I’d be willing to try with a $25 gift card!

  4. I’ve used this program,and so far I love it. My only problem is that the coupons are only on my card. Need to get them on my DH’s card too which I discovered yesterday. 🙁

  5. I also hate shopping especially with a little one in hands. Now I go to the website and see what they have, add it, print out a list and go shopping knowing exactly what I am going for. Love you Dominicks, I recommend you to everyone.

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