16 thoughts on “My Encounter with Rick Springfield

  1. Susie, he doesn’t look like he was afraid of you! And he’s got a little bit of a smile on his face, I think his eyes are smiling. Just remember how many people he’s taking pictures with and a few of us aren’t going to get that big grin. I’m sure his face gets tired. My picture from my signing is horrid. I look awful and he’s not smiling. Short of paying $300 for a soundcheck meet and greet the only other way to meet him is catch him at the hotel, preferably the night before the show (he usually comes in then) when he has time to hang. Do you go to his shows in St. Charles or Elgin, IL.? If so i’ll help ya get to the man if I make it down for those.

    • I regularly see him at the Arcada and I saw him at the Hemmens last year. I don’t want to sleep with the man, I want to talk to him! lol

      BTW, rumor at the book signing was that he’ll be at the Arcada in April. Yeah, baby!

      xo Susie

      • Whoo Hooo! I love the Arcada! I don’t want to sleep with him either, who knows where that things been! LOL Usually after the show at the Arcada everyone heads to Onesti’s Dinner Club and hangs out downstairs and Rick shows up. After he’s had something to eat and drink he’ll mingle. So if April it is, I’ll see you there chica!

  2. You ARE the cutest thing.
    And I mean it.
    And he did not look scared!!!!
    And your head does not look like a ham!!!
    I’m laughing.
    You did good.
    Celebrities..sheesh, even that wanker Rick Springfield.
    Who, by the way, was one of my first concerts, ever, to which I had to slit my jeans up the side b/c I was in a full length leg cast and on crutches, out of surgery only a few days before and I nearly passed out, but I by God made it to his concert in AMARILLO TEXAS.
    I hope he finds your blog.

    • Thanks, Pamela! I can’t believe he was your first–concert, that it! lol You went through hell to see him! My first concert was The Nitty Gritty Birt Band and Little River Band. We had free tickets…

      xo Susie

    • It was all such a blur! Talk about living-in-the-moment failure! lol OK, I like “rock star face” and I’ll take that!

      xo Susie

      ps..but his eyes…they do look slightly scared, right?!

  3. I know its not funny – but it is kinda sorta!!!
    I am sorry that your “meeting” Rick was not what you thought it would be however as a person who has worked with what some would call “Idols” I have come to realize that they are no different than the rest of us and in fact, some of them are downright horrible.
    I’m not saying that Rick is horrible – just that when it comes to fantasy meeting reality, in most cases Reality really does Suck!!!


  4. I love it!! You are just so precious that Rick must just have been exhausted
    and not nearly awake enough to realize how great you are!

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