Mom Threatens to Stop The Car & Does It!

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How many times have we threatened our children with these or very similar words? I know I’m not alone, but I’m not asking you to make a public declaration. Just try to remember what drove you to yell those words as you’re driving your children around in your car. This mother actually did it and is facing charges of child abandonment!

Personally, I remember several times I’ve been tempted to do this. Once when Aaron had a worm in the car (don’t ask) and I had to spend 20+ minutes on the way to lunch with Jim listening to questions about the worm. Finally, I yelled, “I am not a worm-ologist! One more worm question and you’re both on the street!”

Or the time the boys were just poking each other and giggling behind me in the turbo mini van. It’s always funny until Mom is the one who gets poked and loses control of the motor vehicle. I didn’t actually lose control, but I came darn close!

(I actually did wreck into the neighbor’s car several years ago as I was backing out of the driveway while yelling at the fighting boys. I probably would have been in better shape if I’d have just kicked them out of the car!)

There, I have just two examples that I’ve shared. I’m sure you can think of your own.

Sure this mom took things a little too far. I’m not talking about leaving her 14 year old daughter on the road. But the road was a highway. I don’t know how busy that is, but I’m picturing the Eisenhower Expressway here in ChiBurbia. That’s not cool. And she did get belligerent with officers when they came to her home. She even kicked a squad car window “so hard to it popped out of its track.”

But maybe we should commend her on being a good parent for following through on a threat. Seriously, every parenting book I’ve ever read has said this is one of the most important things that parents should do. Follow. Through.

This is exactly what this mom did! She made a threat. The argument with her daughter apparently continued and she dumped everyone out of the car. What a lesson she taught her daughter! In front of her friends even!

I was going to say I doubt the daughter will ever question her mother’s threats again. But the cops intervened and she was taught that her mother’s word is illegal. What a way to take away a parent’s power!

It’s hard being a parent. It gets so hard that, some days, leaving your kid on the road seems like a perfectly wonderful solution to a problem. Fortunately, some of us are able to lose ourselves in the fantasy of leaving them there. Unfortunately, some of us actually do it and find that there are consequences.

What do you think about this woman and her actions? Does she deserve charges of child abandonment?

One thought on “Mom Threatens to Stop The Car & Does It!

  1. To be honest, Kids need to be taught that if they “toe the line” there will be consequences; you need to be a friend as well as a parent at the same time. No means no and there should be no need to try to change that. I am not married though but I know this, I won’t certainly be “abandoning” kids in the middle of the road or something but I will certainly make sure that they do know that threats are not empty by other less “traumatic” examples. If your kids know that break a rule and they have to pay the price, then just plain threats would be enough to stop them as they know that you are NOT kidding from past experiences.

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