Halloween, Part 2

If you missed part 1, check it out here. To recap, I had a disastrous date with Mark the night before a Halloween party where he was to be my date.

Saturday morning I meet Lynn for breakfast and, of course, we discuss the subject of cancelling my evening date with Mark. By the time we’re finished, I have decided that I can cancel with a clear conscience. I owed nothing to Mr. Scraped and Horny Man.

I make the phone call as soon as I get home. His answering machine picks up and I start to leave a message. He was apparently screening, because he answers when I start speaking.

“Oh, hi,” he says, “I thought you might be a bill collector…”

Yahoo! Let’s add deadbeat to the list of strikes against Mark! I quickly explain that I am sick and won’t be going to the party. I can tell from his surliness that he’s not upset and that I won’t be getting any further phone calls from him.

Let’s take a trip back in time…

Several weeks earlier, Lynn had bribed me to go to a birthday party with her. She was in love with this man, Chip, and he had a friend, Jim, who was celebrating his birthday. Chip was out of town and wasn’t going to the celebratory dinner, but asked Lynn to go with his friends. I was a poor graduate student, so when Lynn offered me a free dinner, I jumped.

We met the group at a local Chinese restaurant. We were drinking Zombies. Which come with cherries, with stems. My best party trick is the ability to tie a knot in the cherry stem with my tongue. Of course I do this. And the birthday boy, Jim, announces that he “wants some of that” for his birthday. So charming, I know…

I hurry up with dinner, Lynn takes me home, and I go off on a date with someone else. No, not Mark. This was another guy I was seeing more as friends. We go to the movies and I forget the birthday party.

Two weeks after the birthday party, two weeks before drunk, horny, scraped & bleeding Mark, I went with Lynn to Chip’s friend’s Halloween party. I spent the entire evening sitting with Jim, laughing and talking. He was so attentive! So pleasant! So adorable!

Lynn and I left the party and I remember stopping before getting into her car and telling her, “I think I like that Jim guy.”

Apparently that set some wheels into motion. Behind the scenes, phone calls were made. I met Lynn and Chip after class one night and Chip spends the entire time telling me how great Jim is and how I should give him a chance.

Hey, I would love to give him a chance! But he hasn’t called or anything!

Which finds me the afternoon of the Halloween party, putting the finishing touches on my costume. Jim finally calls and asks me to go see a band that night. I explain that I am going to Halloween party and would love to take him along. He apologizes for calling me last minute, explaining that he had been in Mexico on a business trip.

Apparently, I later learn, he returned to an answering machine full of messages from his friends letting him know I was interested. I guess people thought we would be good together.

(to be continued)

7 thoughts on “Halloween, Part 2

  1. OMGosh, I’ve tried subscribing to you via e-mail a bunch of times now and guess what, it finally worked. lol. I wake up to your story in my inbox.

    How awesome that everyone was trying to hook you up from the get-go. I can’t wait to read the rest…I have to admit when I finished today’s post, I wanted to keep scrolling. I love a good love story. *sigh.

  2. The suspense is killing me! You definitely are a catch! I seriously cannot wait to read the next part, you could always do a double post you know? I would not judge you for posting twice in one day. 🙂

  3. Halloween still remains the second best Holiday behind Christman. Seeing all of the children dress up in their costumes and watching their imagination is awesome. I think the maximum age for going trick or treating should be 15. Anything older than that is just awkward.

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