Halloween, Part 3

If you missed part 1 or 2, check them out here & here. To recap, I had a disastrous date with Mark the night before a Halloween party where he was to be my date. But Jim, a guy I am interested in saves the day and is going to the party with me!

I spent the weeks leading up to the Halloween party telling my friends that I was coming as my one true self. That’s all I would tell them.

When I get to the party with Jim, my friends are shocked to find me dressed as an angel. My friend Pat announces what she thought I was coming as. I won’t share, but let’s just say she was the one standing there with nipples sewed to her cow costume…

Janet’s party is huge. Every floor of her house is filled with people. Food. Booze. Yes, those are margaritas in the punch bowl.

You’re probably thinking I am a hypocrite. Mark’s drinking bothers me, but I am excited over the margarita punch bowl. Back then, I embraced social drinking. I could understand having a beer or two with friends. I couldn’t understand needing a whiskey and soda to play golf. Or with every meal. Or every movie.

We’re having a great time at the party. My college friends Janet, Pat and Linda are there with their spouses/boyfriends. They knew me when I was married before, went through my divorce, and saved my sanity!

While playing pool in the basement, Linda’s boyfriend gooses me with the pool cue. The Godiva chocolate shot I was doing right at that moment, shot out of my mouth, all over the wall, the ceiling, and on the unfortunate people standing around me.

I fly to the bathroom on the second floor, with Pat and Linda following. As I go I hear people saying, “The angel did it!” and “It was the angel!”

In the bathroom I am cleaning Godiva drops off my costume. Pat sits on the toilet, not realizing the lid is up and she gets her cow tail all wet. Linda leans against the shower door. Except it isn’t a door, it’s a curtain, and she ends up laying in the tub. We are laughing hysterically.

When we are finally done getting ourselves cleaned up, I open the door to find a concerned Jim waiting in the hall. The poor guy! Our first date and he’s exposed to such debauchery.

The night ended very late (or very early) and Jim took me home. He wanted to go home to get some sleep before he went running! Running!? I wasn’t planning on being upright the day after the party!

Luckily, Jim wasn’t scarred by the Halloween party and he called the next day to tell me he had a nice time. He also asked me out to dinner later in the week.

This was at a time when I was dating a lot. I had a lot of first and second dates, and not many beyond that. I was looking for something, but I wasn’t sure what. I just knew I wasn’t finding it.

My friends even suggested I just pick someone and settle. But I couldn’t do that. I had a picture in my mind and I was going for the whole package.

Jim took me to dinner and we were having a nice time. Suddenly, in the middle of the meal, I looked across the table and thought, “wow, I even like the color of his hair!” That’s when I knew I had found what I was looking for.

And I was right! We’ll be married for 13 years on Halloween! Jim’s still running. I’m still an angel! (Stop laughing!) We have a houseload of kids and animals.

I still love the color of his hair and everything else that he brought with him. I am so lucky…

9 thoughts on “Halloween, Part 3

  1. I cannot tell you how excited I was to see your post in my inbox this morning. I’m a real sucker for love stories. At the moment you spit your drink, I was like OMGosh, and the ladies ‘flubs’ that night along with you are too funny. But what a sweetheart. Jim sounds like a wonderful person. Congratulations!!

    • Ues, I am lucky he wasn’t completely disgusted with the spitting incident! I don’t think Jim even knows the story of how I ended up going out with him. I didn’t want to tell him I was dating a scraped, drunken, deadbeat! lol

      xo Susie

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