Bridalplasty: Sinking to a Whole New Low!

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Seriously, television executives! You think that pitting brides-to-be against each other for the prize of plastic surgery is a good idea. You think people will be tuning in to watch.

Seriously, American television viewers! You want to watch such drivel?!

I’m afraid I know the answer to that. I watched one episode of Mike & Molly and have refused to tune in again. I won’t even watch one episode of this train wreck. I also will not provide any links to it. You’re on your own if you want to Google it!

This show is exploiting a woman on the most important day of her life. As little girls we dream of our wedding day. Some of us have them planned down to the floral arrangements on the table long before we find the man who will fill the role of groom.

Now someone thinks it’s a good idea to take these wedding dreams and exploit them. They want to take the goal of perfection even further. It’s not enough to have brides maid dresses in exactly the right shade. Or to have the exact flowers you’ve been coveting since girlhood. Now they want these brides to yearn for physical perfection. Not only yearn for it, but to fight for it.

I can just hear the television brainstorming:

Let’s pit bride-to-be against bride-to-be. It will be a hoot to see who survives to the end! And we’ll give the winner surgery! Yes! Plastic surgery! So they can fix all those pesky physical flaws that prevented them from finding love and happiness in the first place. Well, they’ve got some happiness and love–but not the kind they would have if they looked like a Barbie doll! Oh, lordy, this has to be the perfect television formula!

Apparently, the television industry is working with the print media to perpetuate the myth that less than perfect doesn’t count. Perfect, of course, being defined by physical looks alone. The perfect nose. High cheek bones. Flawless complexion. Liposuction to get rid of belly flab and saddle bags. And we women keep buying into it.

We allow television networks to show these things, along with the commercials for diet pills, lunch-time face lifts, and beauty potions. We’re not going to get a break until we agree to turn off these programs. We need to band together and promote programs, articles, and the ideas that beauty isn’t skin deep. When women realize that they are much more than a sum of their parts–whether perfect or imperfect–and refuse to watch this drivel, we’ll all be in a better place.

A better idea would be a show where brides-to-be do something charitable. With the most charitable woman winning the wedding of her dreams. I’d even watch a bride-to-be cooking show. Or decorating show.

What I won’t watch is another show where women are awarded for bad behavior. Especially when the winner of that particular contest wins plastic surgery.

I’d love to get these women together and show them all the plastic-surgery-gone-wrong shows I’ve watched. Maybe that would change their minds. I just hope one of the brides-to-be doesn’t end up on one of those shows.

What do you think? Appalled? Or are you going to watch it?

7 thoughts on “Bridalplasty: Sinking to a Whole New Low!

  1. Seriously? They’re not counting on our demographic — intelligent women with self-respect. I agree with the previous comment: I hate reality TV. I hate watching people whore themselves out for fleeting fame and a few bucks. Ugh. And this concept? One of the worst I’ve heard. I’ll stick with my “tv is for sports and something to show the dvd on” plan.

  2. Oh my gosh! I knew there was a reason we turned off the ad-driven tv shows 15 years ago! We don’t watch commercial tv (except for Penguins of Madagascar on Nick). Starz or DVDs on weekends is it. I know what’s out there thanks to Yahoo but this has to be the ultimate new LOW. And you know what? We think this is bad but it will get worse. Any world where a Snookie can be popular tv & print fare – blech.

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