The Rick Springfield Concert

I know many of you are waiting for a report of the Rick Springfield concert I went to last Friday night. Jim and I went down to the city and saw him at Joe’s on Weeds. I don’t know if Rick understands how monumental this is: going to the city of Chicago on a Friday night in the dead of winter. When you’re a 40-something suburban mom, this is a big deal. At least for me!

I can’t say enough good things about Joe’s on Weeds and their VIP package. I thought we’d just have great seats. An open bar is meaningless to us, except it meant I could drink as many Sprites as I wanted. We were taken on a tour of the bar, the host hung up our coats, he introduced us to the bartender.

Our section was to the right of the stage (as you faced it). There weren’t actually seats, so we stood for the entire concert. We staked out spots right by the wall. The edge of the stage was less than 10 feet away, I think. I had a perfect view of the stage sound guy and that looked fascinating! I wanted to know what all the buttons were for!

I was prepared to take the best pictures ever. But there were two microphone stands that kept reflecting my flash! I should have chosen to stand in the other corner! I did get some great shots though. Did you see yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday? Rick looks like he’s posing for me! I’m certain he was just stunned by the blinding flash.

I’m glad I wasn’t on the floor of the bar for the concert. I would have never seen anything! There were no seats and people were just pressed against the stage 20 deep! I don’t like people enough to have strangers touching me all night. Not even for Rick Springfield!

Rick and his band put on a great show, as they always do. Honestly, these guys look like they have a blast out there.

I really had no opportunity to get into trouble. Rick seemed to avoid our side of the stage. Another guest and I were joking that at least he should have paid some attention to the VIP section.

The funniest thing that happened was when Rick dove into the crowd. Normally, he walks along the back of the seats. Since there were no seats, he just waded through a sea of bodies. A sea of bodies where nearly every person was holding up a cell phone or camera, recording his trek through the bodies! It could have been a cell phone commercial!

So bail money wasn’t needed. I guess it can be donated to charity. Or banked, because I’ll surely get to see Rick again. The closest I got into trouble was texting while driving into the city. Honestly, I was driving less than 10 miles per hour. I could handle it. Jim, however, was frightened.

Rick remains uninfluenced by my devotion. I went into the city and had a great time. Jim and I had a great date night out. All in all, it was a fine time!

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  2. I went to a Rick concert last September in Cali. First time I’d been in *mumbles*. Let’s just say Hard to Hold was a NEW MOVIE then.

    He was fantastic. He did not look or act like a man 6mos older than my mother. He is fit, energetic, personable, and still a really good musician. A fun concert and yes…..he crowd-surfed and I got Springfield sweat on me. If I was still back in *mumbles* grade when I saw him, I would have fainted. As it was, I just smiled and kept recording. On my cell phone. 🙂


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