Old Doesn’t Seem Old Anymore…

Yesterday, Rick Springfield had to reschedule some concerts for this weekend. Here’s what the Rick Springfield Official Merchandise facebook page said:

And no worries- Rick is A-Okay. He’s just feeling a little rundown and lost his voice. He’ll be back up on that stage in no time 😉

August 14, 2009, Arcada Theater, St. Charles, IL

I started thinking hell yeah he’s rundown. He’s 60 years old! Almost 61! He might not look it, but 60 sure sounds old when you really think about it.

Remember when 40 once seemed so old? I remember when my mom had her two thirty-fifth birthdays. (She claims she lost track.) Thirty-five seemed so old to me at the time.

Now 35 is nearly a decade in my past! And I don’t feel nearly as old as my mom seemed when she was 35.

Are we aging better? Taking better care of ourselves? Maybe all those preservatives in our foods are helping us look younger. Could it be the fluoride in the water?

Jim is almost 53 years old and he doesn’t look old to me. In fact, he looks pretty darn good. He still gets carded for wine samples at the grocery store. I know his secret to the fountain of youth: losing massive amounts of sweat each and every day. He’s been running since he was 18 years old and has a youthful body to show for it. He’s nearly a vegetarian, never overeats. Doesn’t smoke or drink. Maybe that’s the secret to staying young: having no fun vices.

Whatever it is, I wonder what my kids will be thinking when they are in their forties? Will the be amazed at how much better they look and feel than we ever did at that age?

Or do you think people aren’t looking old to me any more because I am old?! Crap…

2 thoughts on “Old Doesn’t Seem Old Anymore…

  1. I have been saying this sinse I was 40, I have never felt as old as Dad looked or acted when he was my age.

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