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I’d like to share how Christmas is done in Kline Land!

We awake at a nice, humane hour of nine Christmas morning. I slip the breakfast casserole into the oven and we all gather around the Christmas tree. We spend an hour reminiscing about Christmases past and share our charitable performances over the year. Sometimes the twins have visual aids. I must say that the flip charts and graphs are inspiring to us all. They make us want to be even better people the following year!

By then the breakfast is ready and we gather around the dining room table where we enjoy the breakfast casserole. Of course, it is made with bread I’ve kneaded by hand. The sausage is organic, bought from a cruelty-free farmer. The eggs were purchased from the same farmer, who houses the chickens in lavish condos instead of cages.

We toast one another with the juice that is fresh squeezed from oranges hand-picked from our Thanksgiving jaunt to Florida. We were able to spend time with the citrus farmer, touring his organic groves. It was so educational! We are thinking of starting our own organic farm!

Once the dishes are cleared and washed by all of us, we gather round the Christmas tree. One by one, we take turns opening the hand-made presents. We agreed that this year we would refuse to partake in the greediness and commercialism that has become the blight of the modern Christmas holiday. Each present was lovingly made with the recipient in mind. We also agree to think loving, healing, supportive thoughts as we created them, adding an extra level of love to each item.

After we’ve thanked each other profusely, honestly acknowledging that these were the presents we had been dreaming, we gather around the piano for some Christmas caroling. Jim plays guitar, I play piano and the boys sing three-part harmony. Every year we get better and better. Perhaps it is time to record that Christmas album our friends have been begging us for!

Before Christmas dinner is served (also a feast of organic, cruelty-free foods) we reflect on the blessings we have. I love it when we share the best gifts each and every one of us brings to our family.

By the day’s end we are wrapped in the shell of love and support that only a healthy family can give one another. We retire with the knowledge that we are loved and adored for ourselves as individuals.

OK, did that make you puke?! Just a little in the back of your throat?!

Christmas day is more like this:

Aaron wakes everyone up at the ungodly house of six in the morning and everyone yells at him. Except for Jim, who’s headed out to run. By the time Jim gets home–all sweaty and in dire need of a shower–the twins and I are grumpy as hell. I’ve been known to ignore the smacks eminating from the twins’ room as Aaron torments them.

We reluctantly gather in the living room. I’ve shoved the breakfast casserole into the oven. Not one ingredient is organic. And if the animals were treated cruely, at least we didn’t have to witness it. Not very progressive, I know.

We open presents. While I try to get everyone to open them one at a time to make it stretch out a little longer, no one else agrees. Plus, when you give each kid the same thing, it’s a little boring to watch. I wish everyone understood it would seem like we all got more if we took our time!

Once the loot is gathered and catalogged–at least mentally–everyone scatters. We each want to play with our toys and could give a hoot about the other human beings in the house.

When the breakfast casserole is finished, we gather in the kitchen (our dining room is now my office!) and eat. There will be a fight of some sort. Probably Aaron having a melt down because his food is touching or he hates breakfast casserole (even though last time we had it he ate three-quarters of it!).

There is no orange juice–much less fresh squeezed–because the boys found it the night before and drank it all. So I’m mad because I really needed some orange juice. Jim’s mad because I’m mad. We all leave the table in a huff, but return to argue about who has to clean what.

Then we scatter, once again. Jim will turn on footbal games. Aaron will watch Sponge Bob. The twins will be in their room, playing the Xbox and texting their friends.

And what’s Christmas like in your house?!

7 thoughts on “Blog Gang: Christmas

  1. You’re too funny! At first I was like What. No way…lol. Then once I got to the singing in three part harmony I knew you were totally pulling a fast one. Absolutely love this post.

  2. I have to admit, I was in such awe over this at first. I thought, Wow, these people are good! When the story changed I laughed so hard. Susie, This is great. Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. I’m so glad you don’t celebrate like scenario #1 – I was going to have to hate you. #2 sounds much more like how we would celebrate Christmas… if we celebrated Christmas.

    Have an amazing day! Merry Christmas!

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  5. I LOVE THIS! I totally want to spend Christmas with Kline family #2. 🙂 Ours is similar, but minus the breakfast casserole. We end up getting up too late to have breakfast and have to rush through the morning to get ready for Christmas lunch/dinner with the in-laws.

  6. I love your honest assessment, because it is so similar to ours. The best part of Christmas is the fact that it is a long, luxuriously lazy day. I actually took a nap.

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