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It’s the first Blog Gang outing for the New Year! If you’d like more information, please read this and feel free to contact me! We’re always looking for new blood…

There’s a time for Fact. There’s a time for Fiction.

I want my news to be fact-filled. I’m concerned about the recent slew of fantasy, faux news “reporters” filling our air waves with nonsensical “truths” that some Americans choose to believe.

I want my entertainment to be fiction. Fiction all the way, baby!

I primarily read fiction. I love getting lost in someone else’s world for awhile. I love caring for the characters a writer has carefully chiseled from his imagination. I’m amazed when I find myself caring about someone who only exists on paper. I’m awed when I want to lose myself in the life and home of a body-less entity.

For instance, Stephanie Plum. I am a big fan of the world Janet Evanovich has created around bounty-hunter Stephanie and her friends. I want to go on a recovery with her and Lula. I want Lula to give me fashion tips–one full-figured woman to another! I want to fan myself when Ranger appears. I want to see Gramma Mazur shoot something with the gun she shouldn’t be toting. Since my friends are regular people like me and we don’t tote guns, only knitting needles and cell phones, I live vicariously through Janet Evanovich’s well-crafted world.

I keep telling Aaron reading is a way to travel and meet new people without ever leaving your home. He doesn’t believe me. I think he would have a grand time in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter world. Or maybe he would be a fan of the Hardy Boys and want to solve mysteries! Maybe some day he’ll trade in Sponge Bob and Jimmy Neutron for a book.

I’m not completely adverse to non-fiction books. Some have impacted me in a very positive way: Operation Beautiful (which I reviewed) and The Beauty of Different are two that come to mind. I’m enjoying Rick Springfield’s autobiography–Late, Late at Night–even if he does come across a little slutty! Fortunately, he also comes across very sweet and likeable too.

My television viewing is primarily fiction–give me a good sit-com or a USA show any day of the week. I like seeing The Middle, surreptitiously looking over my shoulder looking for the hidden cameras because I’m convinced my house is bugged. I like watching Burn Notice, even if Jim won’t let me try out any cool spy moves on him. I want to be Fiona. I’m dismayed that I’m more like Madeline (the mom!). I want to hang out with Michael and Sam…drinking mojitos!

I do enjoy documentaries, especially true-crime ones. I’m mesmerized by Snapped, amazed at people who think they will get away with murder! Secret Lives of Women lets me into the sometimes bizarre lives of other women. There are a slew of programs that follow a crime from commission to prosecution that keep me glued to the screen.

But I’m drawing the line at “reality shows” this year. No more Real Housewives or Jersey-whatever for me. I don’t want to be so caught up in the drama of some faux-celebrity that I neglect my family and friends! I’ll be living the life of a Housewife of Roselle while being a writer. (Unless someone thinks that this would make a great reality show and they don’t mind filming me in my fluffy pink robe and winter crocs while I write…call me!)

Who are you? A fact or fiction junkie?

10 thoughts on “Blog Gang: Fact or Fiction

  1. I love fiction novels! I need to read them as a break in between all my self-help books (not that they’re helping). LOL I like the romance/adventure ones so I can live vicariously. As for TV, I love the sci-fi stuff. Glad “V” is back on!!

  2. I knew we were kindred spirits, Susie! I have been in love with Stephanie Plum and her antics for nearly 10 years. Whenever I read those books, all I can think of is who I’d want to see playing the characters in the movie. The only one I’m completely convinced of is that Cloris Leachman would make the most perfect Grandma Mazur EVER!

    • Chloris Leachman would be PERFECT! Someone told me Betty White was cast in the movie of the first book. I always picture “Maxine” the old lady from the cartoon as Gramma!

      Tina, this is wild that you love the books as much as I do!

      Did you read the new series with Diesel? The one about the seven sins? Excellent!

      xo Susie

      • Hi Susie,

        I’m not much of a t.v. watcher. The odd movie is okay,though. I enjoy reading both fact and fiction. But lately, I’m been hitting the fictions. A girlfriend got me reading mostly writing of Christian authors. Between Karen Kingsbury and Debbie Macomber, I’ve read several of their books through out my sick leave. Nice way to stay close to God,with the bible verses that they refer to. As for the self help books, I guess we all could use they if they all worked. LOL


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  4. Hi Susie! I went ahead and linked up, even though the code I have didn’t work. Love your take on things! Knew I should have gone with reading….lol…good thing I didn’t though, then we’d have two very similar posts.

    P.S. – April didn’t get the code to work either

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