Stop the Insanity! One More Diet Commercial and I Will Scream!

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Seriously, if I hear one more diet program commercial I cannot guarantee I will not be driven to violence!

Since becoming aware of the diet industry’s dismal success rate (that’s what “results not typical” means!) and their $60,000,000,000 (I got the number of 0s right…that’s $60 billion!) earnings, I’ve become less tolerant. I’m more than a little miffed with Weight Watchers.

In the past I’ve fallen under the spell of Weight Watchers. I’ve attended meetings. I’ve counted points. I’ve lost weight and slowly gained it back. All while paying my weekly fee to have myself weighed and often shamed by the weigher because my weight loss has not been “good” enough. I’ve accumulated copies of Weight Watchers’ magazine. I’ve bought Weight Watchers’ merchandise.

I wish there was a way to add up all the money I’ve invested in Weight Watchers over the years. A pretty penny, I’m sure. Since I am a dismal record keeper, I can’t even begin to add it all up. I’m sure it’s pretty substantial though.

Now Weight Watchers has come out and said publicly via Jennifer Hudson that they finally got it right. Yes, the New Points Plus…”because it works.”

What the hell?!

Is Weight Watchers admitting that everything before this didn’t work? Was it a farce? Did they know it didn’t work? Was I guinea pig in their weight loss experiment? While they were developing the real plan…you know, the one “that works”…were we pouring money into the company for nothing?

Or is Weight Watchers subtly letting us know that they really don’t know how to lose weight? They have some vague idea–like all of us–of what might work, but they just aren’t completely convinced.

Yet, they keep telling us that they know exactly what they’re doing. Finally. Finally? Well, I want all my money back! Yes, I want it all back. Plus, add on a percentage for selling me something that wasn’t right to begin with!

The last time I did Weight Watchers, I lost 35 pounds. Then I plateaued something terrible, and that’s when the shameful weigh-ins began. I’ll admit, it was shame more on my part than on the weigher. But her sad little “tsk” didn’t help.

I regained some of that weight and then I magically lost 35 pounds again. Except that time I had microscopic colitis and was deathly ill for months. But I lost the same amount of weight.

You know I’ve become a big fan of Ragen Chastain and her blog Dances with Fat. I’m pleased to have found Kate Harding and am sad that her blog Shapely Prose is no longer being updated. Both of these ladies changed the way I look at things.

Ragen has a way of taking a certain fact bandied about in the news and carefully sorting through until she finds the truth behind the fact. Since she does the interpreting much better than I ever could, please check out her blog for her analytical skills.

Kate’s book Lessons From the Fat-O-Sphere (written with Marianne Kirby) is one I highly recommend. Read it and see if you feel the same way about clothes, health, and life after reading it.

These ladies and others have opened up my eyes (and apparently my ears!) to the point that all weight loss commercials are grating on my nerves like finger nails on a chalk board. And there are a lot of them this time of year. Perhaps the yearly resolution to lose weight is more of a reaction to commercials than to an actual desire? Like my need to possess a new Apple product when they make a quick-moving commercial with catchy music!

If you do try out the new diet programs being advertised, I wish you luck. But I’m not falling for it any more.

7 thoughts on “Stop the Insanity! One More Diet Commercial and I Will Scream!

  1. I’ve found that diets such as those don’t really work. I don’t really diet per se. I watch what I eat, don’t snack in the evenings, and tada!

    Also, workouts that are “fadish” don’t really work either. I’ve been going to the gym for 7 months now and I’ve been thrilled with the results 🙂

    But, generally, it makes me want to cut someone when I hear that type of crap on the TV.

    • I think watching what you eat and exercising are the sensible things to do. Now to do them! lol I couldn’t imagine going my entire life counting points or eating frozen meals. Ugh!

      xo Susie

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