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Shelley from Shelley & Cal signing in! What a multitude of feelings as being new parents and a new mom! Being new parents is all that we’ve ever heard it would be- the toughest yet BEST thing you’ll ever do–it’s full of the highest highs and can have some pretty crazy lows all mixed in, the latter mostly due to lack of sleep, which can make you feel crazy at times…but truly it’s a relentlessly wonderful experience and it gets better every day as you get more into it. Seeing Eva grow and change and try new stuff, just so much fun!  it’s been quite an adjustment being parents after being married for 15 years though, we will admit!

Funny new mom story – one night at rehearsal at our drummer’s house, there was nowhere to put Eva down that was going to work, so i put on the ergo-carrier and had her on my back, then put on my guitar and we rehearsed that way and she loved it! Of course, we kept the volume low for her sake, but she actually enjoyed it.  What a sport!

How you find the time to do music and be parents? Well, sometimes I don’t balance music biz and parenting very well–I think Cal is much better at it! I tend to put everything on hold and just focus on my daughter and what I have to do to provide her needs and take good care of her every day. There are a lot of times where I feel out of whack with being an artist this year. It’s like I’m barely hanging on–I mean finding the energy to practice is tough! Let alone writing new songs or recording!  Everyone tells me I’m still doing great, but sometimes I just don’t feel like it. I think it’s part of the first year blues…and hopefully it will make for some new songs! It’s hard to balance the two for me, honestly. I am just hoping it’ll get ‘easier’ (if that’s possible) as time goes on!

So, with both of us having to hit the stage and rehearsals, it’s been a bit of a worry for me to think about finding babysitting care for her when we’re out of town…and how we’ll travel with her, as we have to have a grandma or uncle or nanny with us. Thankfully, this past year, we’ve stayed in our area and have not had to deal with that as yet, but we will will have to deal with it now as we are beginning to travel again!  Usually with rehearsals, she’s hanging out with us bopping and bouncing to the music, trying to clap or sing along. We all love dancing together and watching her respond to the music with her squeals!

My loving husband Cal has been my champion! Mostly with all of the music biz stuff! I usually hold down the gigs and set lists, new music and rehearsal scheduling here– but I’ve just not had it in me for a lot of the other stuff, so he’s been ‘Shelley & Cal’ the latter half of 2010! On top of that, Cal truly is an amazing dad!  He will get up with Eva and change her and brush her teeth and then get kitty all fed and make us both tea so by the time I walk down the hallway, he’s rockin’ it with Eva in the kitchen!  Cal also takes the evening shift, feeds her the night bottle and gets her down for sleep.  Eva loves her daddy!  Cal is a tremendous help to me and together we make a good team in keeping her happy and trying to keep a handle on the house!  I cook, and he does dishes, now you tell me, how many men do that? He’s the BEST!

Looking forward to a year with the newest addition to Shelley & Cal, as well as a new year of stories that are funny and to grow from.

Rock on,


Husband and wife duo, Shelley & Cal James have been fixtures on the Eugene, OR music scene for many years. The couple has been performing up and down the West Coast since 1993 and with their recent deal with 44-4 Records (distributed by Fontana) Shelley & Cal will be soon be spreading their brand of inspirational music nationwide. You can find more information about the du0 here.

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