Guest Blogger Oli Dillon Squire: Action for Our Planet

Action for our Planet (AFOP) is a website and organization dedicated to raising awareness of world issues and offering solutions to these problems. Whether animal or human, Action for our Planet fights to secure a better future for each and every inhabitant of planet earth.

AFOP was set up in 2009 to help inform others of the countless and never ending degree of exploitation, greed and corruption in our world. It is the inherent human drive for profit, that fuels the exploitation of others who are treated as mere products. Those living in poverty are the most vulnerable to exploitation and they are commonly used as slave labour in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Cambodia. Animals are unable to speak and defend themselves from the profit driving machine that is capitalism. Therefore, they become exploited and used for meat, dairy, clothing and entertainment. The exploitation of others then creates a snowball effect as huge manufacturing facilities and factory farms need to be built, causing greenhouse gas emissions which in turn contributes to global warming. All of the issues in our world today are somehow interlinked with one another. In order to combat one of the problems outlined above, we must join together with everyone around the world to push for complete change.

The world may seem like a bleak place, with so much cruelty and suffering, but it is important to always remember that there is much good in the world. We live on a truly magnificent planet with millions of others species and countless natural wonders. There are also many people in the world pushing for change and promoting good. Every one of us is capable of becoming a part of the change in the world and helping find solutions to each and every problem. The simples of actions can sometimes make the biggest change. In the words of Mohandas Gandhi ‘‘A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.’’

I have always had a passion for helping others in need and helping protect the vulnerable. I am a firm believer that every single one of us can make a real difference in the world whether by cutting down on carbon emissions or becoming a more ethical consumer.

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