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I’ve been thinking a lot about my post on the Haircut Lawsuit. Because I think I know why the parents did it. It’s time to impart some parenting wisdom.

It’s my best guess that the parents are willing to sue over their son’s removal from the basketball team because they think he’s a wonderful player. Probably, they believe he’s Super Star material. So good that he will go on to star on the high school team…colleges will pay big bucks for his services…then the NBA if he wants to go that far. So darn good that he should be allowed to break the haircut policy because he is the next basketball god!

I’m here to tell these parents that junior high is entirely too early to tell anything. Because things change so much over the years.

First, they are assuming their son will still be willing to play basketball in his later school years. You know what happens to boys when they get into high school? They find girls. And a lot of boys aren’t willing to spend their time practicing a sport when pretty little Tiffany is batting her lashes at him. Or they might find something else that holds their interest.

Second, they are assuming their son will continue improving his basketball game. There is the chance that he has simply peaked in junior high. I’ve seen basketball and football players whose parents were counting on the big time have all hopes dashed because their son didn’t grow as much as anticipated. Not even a high school team wants a basketball player who only reached 5’6″ and rare is the football player who weighs 150 pounds soaking wet.

Third, they are assuming their child has what it takes academically. Again, girls. New friends. Harder classes. Increased expectations. All of these things combined have decimated many a high school team.

I’ve seen so many things happen to the sports stars of the early years as the twins have gotten older. There was the sports star who was kicked out of school for selling drugs. There are multiple sports stars who stopped growing.

Hell, the twins switched sports completely. Early on, I had visions of me sitting in the stands at the high school, watching them play baseball. Because they were wonderful baseball players. I would say, “some day you’ll play there!” every time we passed the high school. But you know that they did? They fell in love with track and field! I had to readjust my dreams: instead of throwing baseballs, they are flinging shot puts and discuses.

I think it’s a worthy lesson for all parents to learn: things change with your children every single day. Don’t get overcommitted to anything because there are no guarantees. It’s best to learn to roll with the punches and be prepared to support them in whatever they choose to do. Without making an ass of yourself on the way…

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