50 Books: Bad Girls Don’t by Cathie Linz

Bad Girls Don’t is sequel, of sorts. This time around Skye, little sister to Julia of Good Girls Do, is the heroine. Nathan, the straight-laced lawman, is her love interest.

The best thing about a Cathie Linz book (I’ve read three and have several more downloaded on the reader!) is her ability to create the most wacky characters. Her support cast members are just a little twisted; slightly off-center and capable of anything. For instance, a nun who teaches everyone around her how to slip out of handcuffs. (I love a good nun character!)

Also, Linz’s heroines (protagonists in writer speak) are less than perfect. This makes them completely believable and lovable. If not completely lovable, then at least likeable.

Reading a Linz novel makes me want to join in on the craziness. It makes me feel okay with my own eccentricities.

Some authors create characters who are so perfect, so good, that they make me feel inferior. I don’t like those books. I don’t want to read about the perfectly groomed, always on time, law-abiding, church going protagonist. I want to read about flawed people doing flawed things. Maybe because I am such a rule follower! Linz does this perfectly.

Linz is a prolific writer. I mentioned that last time. I’ve been concentrating on these crazy romance novels. Maybe you’ll find something that will appeal to you too!

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