Guest Blogger Marilyn Meredith: Family Matters in the Rocky Bluff Police Department

Since this is a blog that caters to family, I thought some of you might be interested in knowing that my Rocky Bluff series was created to show how what happens to the people on the Rocky Bluff police force while on the job affects their families, and what is happening with the families affects the job.

I observed some of this when I lived in a neighborhood full of cops and became friends with the wives. When my daughter married a police officer, I saw more of the same. Though some movies and TV shows display a bit of this, so many of their main characters are stereotypical and not at all like the officers that I knew and know now…

My husband and I have five grown children, lots of grand children and great-grands. One thing I truly understand is family dynamics and I love to write about them.

In my latest Rocky Bluff PD crime novel, Angel Lost, Officer Stacey Wilbur is having a hard time keeping her mind on her job because she’s anticipating her upcoming wedding to Detective Doug Milligan. Officer Felix Zachary is anticipating the birth of his and his wife’s first child, but can’t help thinking that there is something a bit off about the new guy, a transfer from LAPD. Sergeant Abel Navarro is worried about his mother who is showing signs of having Alzheimer’s. Public Affairs Officer Ryan Strickland doesn’t agree with his wife Barbara who thinks the angel that’s making a nightly appearance in the window of a furniture store is a sign from God.

Though this is number 7 in the series, I write each one as a complete story. For those who’d like to read previous books, you can find them under the name F. M. Meredith in the usual places—and most are available in e-book form.

Angel Lost Blurb:

As plans for her perfect wedding fill her mind, Officer Stacey Wilbur is sent out to trap a flasher, the new hire realizes Rocky Bluff P.D. is not the answer to his problems, Abel Navarro’s can’t concentrate on the job because of worry about his mother, Officer Gordon Butler has his usual upsets, the sudden appearance of an angel in the window of a furniture store captures everyone’s imagination and causes problems for RBPD, and then the worst possible happens—will Stacey and Doug’s wedding take place?

F.M. Meredith, also known as Marilyn Meredith, is the author of nearly thirty published novels. Her latest in the Rocky Bluff P.D. crime series, from Oak Tree Press, is Angel Lost. Marilyn is a member of EPIC, Four chapters of Sisters in Crime, including the Internet chapter, Mystery Writers of America, and on the board of the Public Safety Writers of America. Visit her at and her blog at

9 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Marilyn Meredith: Family Matters in the Rocky Bluff Police Department

  1. Thank you so much for hosting me today. As an explantion about the photos, the first with the four are my four living children. My oldest son, Mark, died from cancer when he was in his early forties.We were all together for my granddaughter’s wedding and there she is in the next photo with her two brothers and a cousin–of course, my grandchildren.

    Marilyn a.k.a. F. M. Meredith

  2. Love reading about families, and like you Marilyn, I include the dynamics in my stories. All the best on your latest release, Angel Lost. It’s definitely on my TBR list. 🙂

  3. Lovely post, Marilyn ~ and lovely family photos. I’m so sorry about the loss of your son, Mark. As a survivor who was diagnosed at 42, I truly appreciate that I was given a second chance, but I mourn for those who weren’t as fortunate. I pray that in my lifetime, or in my children’s lifetime, that a cure for cancer becomes a reality.

    ANGEL LOST sounds terrific ~ best wishes!

    Looking forward to the Public Safety Writers Conference in July in Vegas ~ see you then!

    Thanks, Motherhoot, for having Marilyn on your blog!

    Kathy Ryan
    From Cop to Mom and the Words in Between
    Twitter: @katcop13

  4. Hi Marilyn, I am looking forward to reading stories about Officer Stacey Wilbur. I imagine she is force to be reckoned with. Love your family photos. Thanks for sharing.

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