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This is a hard topic, because it’s very personal! We are sharing recurring dreams and asking you, our beloved readers, to analyze them for us.

I’ve had the same recurring dream for the past 25 years. It’s not always exactly the same. It’s just similar enough to make me remember it when I awake. As the years pass, it has been happening less and less frequently.

In my dream, I am always searching for my first love. He was older and not as into me as I was him. Still, he’s the one I dream about!

Sometimes I drive past his house and look for his truck. That becomes the dream’s obsession: to find the truck, to wait for the truck to appear. Often, the dream resolves itself with just the appearance of the truck. I don’t need to actually see him. It’s the reassurance of seeing that truck that relieves me.

Other times, I go to his house looking for him. Other people are there or the house is empty, there’s nothing the same about that. In fact, the house is ever-changing. The interior has gone from ramshackled to gorgeously decorated; from a moldy theater to a moldy church. One thing that is always the same: it’s a maze inside. I spend my whole dream going up and down the corridors of the maze. Always looking.

The recurring piece of these dreams is that I am always searching for him. Seeking…looking…needing…wanting to find him. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don’t.

The times when I do find him I wake so relieved. Many times I’ve woken up convinced that I really did spend time with him. I’ve even felt guilty, worried that I somehow neglected my family by spending time with him!

I know this isn’t a really hard dream to interpret. But I am interested to hear your thoughts on it! I have noticed that the dreams increase in frequency when I am stressed.

As a clinical psych student, we covered dream interpretation. From what I learned, there is no proof that dreams are symbolic of anything. Unless I’m behind on my research, no one has come out with a laudable theory of why we dream.

The one dream theory that I’ve always liked is that every single element in your dream is actually representative of yourself. From my dreams above: the truck, the house, the mazes, the searching are all pieces of me. These pieces just happen to take a familiar form.

OK, what does my dream mean? I’m counting on you!

4 thoughts on “Blog Gang: Analyze This

  1. Wow! It is interesting that the dreams frequency increases with the level of stress in your life. It is almost as if there was a comfort you found in the truck, not the relationship, that the memory of the truck is enough to bring you some calm and peace. The maze inside whatever symbol is his home in the dreams would seem to indicate there was a sense of chaos in your home life at the time and you relate your current situations back to that time.

    Steps from dream pontification stand.

  2. The power of a first love is a powerful thing. Maybe youre looking for the one that left behind to show him the girl he left behind became an awesome woman HE missed out on!

  3. I completely believe that dreams really do mean something.

    What I’m getting from your dream is that you are looking for some comfort in the past, maybe when you thought life was easier and made more sense. But in fact, life wasn’t easier, as indicated by the maze, so you are still trying to find your way… looking for the place where your life all makes sense.

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