Happy Valentine’s Day: I Love Us

Jeremy, Aaron, Jim, Jermaine

Valentine’s Day yet again. Seems to come every year…

This year I am feeling positively gooey over it. That doesn’t usually happen!

I’m blaming it on the commercial where they declare “I love us.” I can’t even remember what product they are selling, but that line is sticking with me.

Because I do love us. Jim and me. Me and the boys. The boys. Together I think we make a pretty swell team!

Unlike other families, we didn’t start with babies and grow from there. No, we started with bright-eyed smiling frightened little boys who were seven years old. They trusted us to be good parents. And somehow, ten years later, we almost know what we’re doing.

Then Aaron came, just a wee babe of three. So sickly and with a poor prognosis (no walking, no talking, no learning) and they were wrong. He’s never shut up since he started talking. When he’s motivated he’s a virtual speed demon! School is not a big problem, except in the usual I-don’t-want-to-do-my-homework-ever way. That seems to be a Kline trait.

I wish I could go back and do it over. There would be things I would do over. Less yelling and angst. More hugging and laughing all the time. Because that’s important. It sounds so cliché, but older parents say it because it’s so true!

Sometimes people say things like: “The boys are sooo lucky to have you.” Nope, we are so lucky to have them. They are my babies, my family, my life.

While I love who we are as a family, I also love the way Jim and I are as a couple. Somehow, over the years, it has worked out that one of us always managed to stay sane. Yes, having one sane parent at a time is enough to keep your family running. I shudder at the thought of both of us being insane at the same time.

Poor Jim, I met him when he was 39 and we got married when he was 40. He had a tidy life with a nice routine. Then I swept in like the Tasmanian devil. New houses, dogs, cats, children! Oh my! If he ever stopped long enough to think about it, he might start warding me off with a crucifix and holy water!

I think the fact that we are all still laughing is a good sign. To me, there’s nothing sweeter than the laughter of my boys. Preferably while they aren’t destroying a piece of furniture, of course. But with broken furniture and holes in walls, the first one hurts…the rest are just par for the course!

Yes, I love us. I love Jermaine’s completely sarcastic comments. I love Jeremy’s dry jokes. I love Aaron and his goofy sense of humor. I love Jim and how he’s built the best place on earth for me to be. A place for me to be home.

I love us.

9 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day: I Love Us

  1. That is so romantic and really a nice testament to your wonderful family. This sounded as sweet as a Hallmark. Happy Valentine to the Kline 5….have fun!!

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  3. Hallmark has nothing on you! I love that! What a wonderful family you have! Not only are you lucky to feel as blessed as you do, but from the photos, you can see your family is happy, healthy and appear to feel just as blessed to have you. From someone who also has a blended family, I know how hard it can be. Looks to me like you did a wonderful job and were just the right woman for the job. You are blessed! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your family.

  4. This is the sweetest Valentine I have ever seen. You are such a special mother and wife. Jim and the boys are lucky to have you and you are lucky to have them. I’ve seen you with your family and I see nothing but love from all of you. I wish all kids could have this great expierience to have you for a MOTHER!

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