50 Books: Tick Tock by James Patterson

What’s not to like about a James Patterson novel? They’re fast-paced, the good guys are likable, the bad guys are vile. [FYI: When you visit his website, make sure your speakers aren’t blasting because he has a short video playing when you open it. Pretty annoying.]

Tick Tock brings back Detective Michael Bennett who becomes the primary investigator when a fake bomb is left at a public place. He searches for the would-be bomber while trying to have salvage at least part of his shore vacation with his enormous family. Illogical crimes make it impossible to pin point what the motive is. I read 9/10ths of this book in one night.

If you’re a fan of James Patterson, I recommend this. If you are new to Patterson, you should know that he writes in a way that will make you read at a break-neck speed. He’s big on action, short on details. Don’t pick up the book expecting to close it knowing everything there is to know about any of the characters.

While I am fan of Patterson, I do miss the details that other authors provide in their writing. I like putting a book down and feeling a connection to the fictional characters. I like knowing quirks and faults. Rarely do I walk away after reading a Patterson novel where I feel moved by what I’ve read. Reading a Patterson is simply entertainment.

The exceptions come with his Alex Cross novels. Cross has been around so long that I do feel like I know his entire family. Another exception is with the book Beach Road. If you want a shocking novel with a twisted ending that you probably won’t see coming, check it out.


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