I Won A Blog Award & The Last Supper

The two things in the title are not related in any way. It is, however, the way my mind is working this morning!

Sunshine Blog Award

I won a blog award from Tracy over at The Daily Mom Diaries. I’m really really excited. Except I found a tweet exchange where I practically demanded the award. But she gave it to me and can’t take it back! Ever!

I have to give the award to 12 other bloggers. It’s going to take awhile because I am following a lot of them! Just a word of warning: the blogs I follow usually aren’t warm and sunshine-y mom blogs.

The Last Supper

I finally had dinner with my friend Sherri last night and we were talking about the foods you would eat for your last meal. You know, right before you had your jaw wired shut to fix something or you were going on a liquid diet the next day. (No one’s getting executed here, folks!)

I thought about it all the way home. Seriously, how can you choose just one last meal? Unless you’re someone who doesn’t eat for pleasure, just fuel.

Last night I thought my final meal would include a beef and cheddar croissant from Portillo’s. The chain even has a Facebook page. If I had to stop at one restaurant I would add some fries, onion rings and an iced tea.

If I could keep going to another restaurant, I would pick up onion rings at White Castle. Yes, even when you’re sober they’re damn good!

Then I would go to Nana‘s for some hand-cut fresh french fries. They cook them twice, so they’re crispy. But I like them done just once, when they’re soft and potato-y.

I don’t know why I am food obsessed this morning. I just really thought hard about it on the way home from dinner last night.

Of course, this will change from day to day. Perhaps even hour to hour. Because I forgot the guacamole…

What would you have for your last meal?!

6 thoughts on “I Won A Blog Award & The Last Supper

  1. You made me hungry with those mouth watering onion rings from two of my favorite places. That would be too hard to choose what my last meal would be because I love all kinds of food too much…lol.

  2. Congratulaions Sister Susie. What would I have for a last supper? I think I would stick with my old stand-by, Spaghetti and Meat Balls, with lots of parmesian cheese, and some very garlicy garlic toast.

  3. Kuddos on the award! I am proud of you.

    As for my last supper – I could never have a last supper because it would be never ending! I would just keep demanding different food, afraid there would be something I had not tried before the end……………..wouldn’t do good on death row, would I?

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