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Health…such a difficult thing to write about! My mind is either racing or stalled helplessly as I stare at the screen wondering what to write.

I think being healthy means knowing when to relax and stop obsessing about your health.

Yes, eat fruits and vegetables and healthy food…but know when to open the Ben & Jerry’s.

Yes, exercise and get some movement…but know when to sit back and watch the world pass by.

Health is a balance. Good and bad. Mental and physical.

Listen to your body. Are you craving salad and other vegetables? You should indulge. Feeling the urge to exercise? Get up and move. Need a chocolate chip cookie? Yup, have one. Nap time instead of running three miles? Take to your bed.

We are surrounded by information each and every day. Things to do and things to avoid are tossed at us like gospel. Only to be proven wrong months later. Remember, eggs were bad? Now they’re good. Fat was bad? Oops, we need fat! Avoid cravings or substitute something else? Well, that doesn’t work. Have what you’re craving and get it over with.

It’s confusing and disconcerting. If the “experts” can’t agree on what’s good and what’s bad, how can we mere mortals know what to do? We can listen to our bodies! They are amazing machines. They are self-cleaning, self-regulating. They can tell us what they do and don’t need!

Too often we get so caught up in the dos and don’ts of living a healthy life that we end up making ourselves miserable. Which isn’t very healthy! I don’t believe feeling mentally horrid but physically healthy equals health.

Health should mean enjoying life! Have fun. Play. Instead of concentrating on finding a workout buddy, you should find a laugh buddy. Someone who makes you feel like a kid. Not because you’re doing child-like things, but because they teach you how to laugh again.

No, not the polite laughter we use at work and in social situations. I’m talking about gut-busting, abs-hurting, guffaws. Laughter that makes middle-aged women pee their pants and tears stream down their faces.

Laughing like that has to help your health just as much as the aerobics class. You can’t laugh until it hurts and stay mad at the world. It makes you forget the bad and makes you see the good in things.

It’s hard to be negative and snarky when you’re finding things to laugh at. Unless you’re laughing while being snarky. And sometimes that happens.

We don’t need to be perfect to be healthy. We do need to live to be healthy. Living means trying different things in different ways. And being able to laugh at ourselves if we fail.


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  1. I completely believe in the “listen to your body” method of living. It’s the times that we ignore the signals (hunger, tiredness, pain) that we get into trouble. Your body always lets you know when it’s tired or hungry or hurts – if you listen and act on it then you’ll be much happier and healthier.

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