Mother & Daughter Beat Up Bus Driver

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Recently, a 30 year old woman and her 12 year old daughter have been accused of beating the crap out of their school bus driver. The mother claims her seven year old son was being bullied on the bus and nothing was being done about it. So she decided to punch the female driver, have her daughter help drag the driver from the bus by her ankles, and trample another child in the process. Luckily, the whole thing was captured on the bus’ on-board camera that had been installed because the children had been misbehaving.

I love how an incidence of bullying was fixed by further bullying. Great call, mom!

I don’t know whether to be disgusted for the mom or feel sorry for her. I understand the frustration of not getting the response you need for a problem your child is having. I know you have the urge to do whatever necessary to ensure your child’s safety. But I don’t think getting violent is the answer.

Every day we send our children off into the world. Aaron gets on the bus after standing on the corner waiting for it. Then he goes to school and spends the day there. Then he comes back home on he bus. I really have no idea what happens between 7:15 am and 3:15 pm. I’m assuming he’s being kept safe in every way possible.

But what do I really know? He could be sitting there doing nothing. Fortunately, I get enough updates from teachers that I don’t have to worry. If Aaron was an angel child, doing all his homework and never getting into trouble, I would have no idea.

I know he’s safe on the bus. They have cameras on it. I know because Aaron and his friends were goofing off on the bus and the principal showed them the video. None of the accused bothered to claim “it wasn’t me!” after they saw it.

I hope this mom was really really frustrated. Not that that justifies her actions. But it makes it slightly more understandable.

I hope she didn’t just get a little mad and it escalated to assault and battery without much provocation.

I’ve been very angry with the school–especially during IEP staffings–but I’ve never gotten violent. I wonder what would send me over the edge. I hope I never find out!

What would send you over the edge? I’d like to hear…



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