In The Neighborhoot: Gino’s East Pizzeria

This is a non-compensated post. I’m doing this voluntarily because I want to spread the word about local businesses!

Who doesn’t love pizza?! My family loves it and Gino’s East Pizzeria is the primary place we go out to eat it. Their Rolling Meadows location (1321 W Golf Road, 847-364-6644) is near Jim’s work, so we go up to have lunch with him.

Gino’s has great lunch specials. You can get a mini pizza, house salad and a beverage for one low price every day. On Mondays you can swap out the mini deep dish pizza for a generous slice of thin pizza. I’ve been on a pepperoni mini deep dish kick lately, but I also love the sausage mushroom thin slice.

While the pizza rocks, my favorite thing at Gino’s is the salad. Yes, I said salad! Everything is fresh. Carrots and cheese are freshly grated. You can tell, you know you can! The ranch dressing is to die for. I don’t know where they get it or how they make it, but it ain’t from a bottle!

Many times Jim and I will go and order salad and bruschetta, skipping the pizza altogether. The bruschetta topping on the salad is so good! Hey, Gino’s, you should serve a bruschetta salad! Just call it The Susie!

The service is always spectacular. I can’t say enough good things about that. You know how annoying it is to go into a restaurant and get subpar service.

We’ve been going there so long that the staff recognizes us. They know when Jim and I sneak out alone and when we’re missing a kid or two.

If you’re in the area, please check them out! You won’t be disappointed!


3 thoughts on “In The Neighborhoot: Gino’s East Pizzeria

  1. Hey Motherhoot! We are thrilled that Gino’s East is one of your family’s favorites! Thanks for the very kind words and we agree, it is yummy. Hmmm, a Susie salad…food for thought!

    Thank you for taking the time to say something so positive. A very happy Friday here at Gino’s, thanks to you!

    Health, happiness and pizza
    Gino’s Rolling Meadows

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