Breaking Up Is Hard To Do…And It Sucks

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My blogger friend, Jessica, got dumped. So pop on over to her blog and give her a virtual hug. Plus stay awhile and read all her posts because they are hilarious!

When I read her post, I was reminded of the many ways I’ve been dumped. Some were easy. Some were dramatic. Some scarred me for life.

I’m fairly certain that the dumpers went on with their lives without another thought. My evidence: I had a chance, many years later, to discuss a dumping with the dumper. The dumping left me with residual feelings that still remain today. The dumper didn’t even remember the dumping.

I think that’s how a lot of breakups go. And why breaking up via text, email, and, I’m guessing, other social networking sites is so easy. The dumper doesn’t have to directly encounter the devastation and anger they wreak upon the dumpee. They get away clean and easy. One simple click and the internet delivers the devastation. Another click and the dumpee is unfriended or unfollowed or blocked, and life goes on.

By the time the dumper does the actual dumping, chances are they’ve already disconnected from the relationship. Sometimes they are already involved with someone else. Whether that is the case, they have emotionally disconnected with the dumpee. Why not give themselves the easy way out?

Because the easy way isn’t always the right way. Sometimes you need to be a descent human being and do it in person or at least by voice on the phone. Email, text, instant message, or direct message are just cowardly.

What do you think? Is it or isn’t it appropriate to break up using technology as a buffer?!


3 thoughts on “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do…And It Sucks

  1. Dumping someone by social media is just wrong. But, if dumped by social media, consider the source and realize how much better off you are without that person. Im not saying its easy – breaking up never is. If the person you invested your time, energy and heart in doesnt have the common courtesy to tell you in person – well I say you are better off without them. Remember, revenge is sweet.

  2. You’re *so* right. We spend so much time thinking about people who don’t ever give us a second thought. Odd, isn’t it?

    Thanks for writing this, Susie. You’re a sweetheart.

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