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Coupons…here would be a great place to mention that Blog Gang topics are randomly drawn (using from an excel spreadsheet of topics that have been suggested by various people. One of these topics happened to be…coupons…

I have a love/hate relationship with coupons. In my pretend life, I am the master of coupons and I save my family millions of dollars a year that we use on trips, new cars, and, of course, new electronic devices. In my real life, I hate clipping coupons, forget them when I do, and if I do remember to take them to the store, I forget to use them!

I am scratch-your-eyes-out jealous of women who whip through their filing box of coupons in the store, rifling through the perfectly sorted and cataloged coupons to find just the one they need. Wait, maybe I’m just seriously annoyed that they are blocking the aisle and I can’t get to the pasta so I can get the hell out of there!

Honestly, being a coupon queen is far down on my list of things to be. Right after room mom and Church volunteer.

But if someone has a surefire method that will save my family millions of dollars, I’m willing to listen!


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