No Means No…Period

An incident in Texas is getting a lot of press. The gang rape of an 11-year old isn’t causing an outrage because of the terrible thing that happened to the victim. Instead, the New York post ran an article suggesting the girl asked for it:

Author James C. McKinley Jr. shows his true colors when he asks how the criminals could “have been drawn into such an act.”  He then answers his own preposterous question by accusing the 11-year-old victim of dressing “older than her age, wearing makeup and fashions more appropriate to a woman in her 20s.”

Then a lawmaker from Florida suggested that this is why schools need dress codes. Apparently, requiring children to wear non-vulgar clothing at school will protect them from sexual assault.

I wasn’t going to write about this. But I can’t stop myself. I know many other bloggers have addressed this situation. Still…I’m chiming in.

When did “no means no” become passé?

I’ve written before about girls who dress provocatively. I do believe girls should dress modestly so they aren’t sending the wrong message about their character. I would never suggest that a girl’s choice in clothing means she is asking to be sexually assaulted.

Because No Means No.

I’ve had the discussion with my sons about this. It’s a matter of them respecting their girlfriends.

Maybe I need to be more blunt with them though. Because somewhere as a society we have lost the message.

It doesn’t matter if a girl is walking stark naked down the street.

It doesn’t matter if you are actually in bed with a naked girl.

It doesn’t matter if the condom is on and you’re about to consummate your relationship.

Because No Means No.

Girls, you have the right to change your minds. If it doesn’t feel right. If you’re having second thoughts. If you want to wait.

It’s your body. Your decision.

No Means No.

The male of our species need to listen. Because a woman having sex is a lot more intrusive than a man having sex. It’s how we differ. If a woman decides she doesn’t want your penis inside her, then you need to respect her wishes.

No Means No.

Frankly, if I were a man, I would be more than a little insulted. Is our society suggesting that you are such weak-willed individuals that you can’t control your animal urges when confronted with a provocative member of the opposite sex? You’re so suggestible that you can be persuaded to gang rape someone blindly, without pausing to think about the consequences for all involved?

I don’t want to even get into the obvious wrongs that have been committed against the 11 year old rape victim. That’s another issue entirely. But I don’t mind taking to task the idiots that suggest that something like this is even remotely the fault of the victim. Seems to me that a group of men choosing to gang rape an 11 year old child aren’t just rapists. They are pedophiles.

The 11 year old girl is completely innocent of any wrong doing. Even if she were walking naked down the street.

No Means No.


10 thoughts on “No Means No…Period

  1. Great piece Susie! Could not agree with you more. It makes me so angry when I read about these things and the way the system treats the victims.

  2. Totally agree! Having to watch a friend go thru a situation like this (ex of all of 3 months doesn’t seem to understand no). And almost slapped my friends who decided it was because ‘her no wasn’t certain enough. She said no, not the right time. She should have said just no’………*GRRRR* She said NO – that’s it!

  3. I highly doubt they did not realize this young girl was a child. Maybe i could be wrong but the physical attributes of most 11 year olds are obviously not those of an older teen or early 20’s young woman. Clearly, their animal like urges blinded them or they simply did not care.

  4. You are so RIGHT!! This whole situation is awful. It makes me sick. Cleveland (where the incident happened) is my hometown. My family is telling me the town is literally torn apart because of everything going on.

    Makes me sick.

    • I guess I don’t get how the town could be torn apart because the wrong doers are so clear here! Honestly, can anyone defend the perpetrators?! It’s just sad…

      xo Susie

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