50 Books: Bad Things by Michael Marshall

I haven’t been this excited by a new-to-me author since I found Dennis Lehane and Nevada Barr. Michael Marshall is my new must-read-everything-he’s-ever-written author. My first experience with him was his novel Bad Things.

The novel starts out with the death of a child. And careens wildly through the landscape of coastal Washington.

Marshall manages to weave several different story lines into one cognizant tale. Any of them could have been a stand-alone story. But having them entwined actually seems to deepen them.

The characters are flawed without apologizing about it. They are good without being cloying. They seem like genuine people you could encounter on any walk through your own hometown.

Bad Things reminds me of earlier Stephen King and Dean Koontz books. A great tale with a supernatural take on the world.

I can’t wait to read more. If you have any of Michael Marshall’s books to recommend, let me know!

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