Partnering With Aveeno and Recyclebank + Giveaway

I am being compensated by Aveeno and Recyclebank for my support of this program. Aveeno has provided me with full-sized products for my personal use and to use as giveaways. They have provided the full-sized products to be given away this month. Any errors in communicating Aveeno or Recyclebank’s missions, products, or programs are on my part.

In my quest to be greener, I have been given a great opportunity! I (and other bloggers) are partnering with Aveeno and Recyclebank to bring you news about great Aveeno products and about recycling-encouraging Recyclebank.

Through webinars, I have learned how Aveeno develops their Active Naturals products. Who knew that there are thousands of natural elements out there that have the potential to be in an Aveeno product? The Aveeno labs work to find the best combination of natural and synthetic ingredients to bring the best skin care to us.

Recyclebank encourages us to recycle, by allotting points for the act of recycling! They are actively partnering with some communities recycling programs, so points can be earned by the weight of your recycling bin. I wish this was available in my community, but as of yet, it isn’t. Points can be used to for all kinds of things! The more points you earn the better rewards!

Aveeno and Recyclebank have combined their Earth-friendly goals through the pledge program running on the Aveeno Facebook page. You can be an Active Natural by taking monthly pledges. This month I am taking the pledge to educate people on cleaning the air and buying a houseplant. What are your pledges?!

Aveeno kicked off Earth Month by building a forest in Times Square. According to the press release:

AVEENO Creates an Educational, Green Oasis to Raise Environmental Awareness, Encourages Consumers to Take One Million Steps towards a Healthier, More Beautiful Earth in 2011

What can we do to create a more beautiful and healthier Earth? Again from the press release:

  • Planting a tree — In one year, one tree can turn 260 pounds of CO2 into clean oxygen
  • Switching out regular light bulbs for energy efficient ones — Energy efficient bulbs use about 75 percent less energy and can save an average household more than $40.00 a year on the electric bill
  • Using more sustainable forms of transportation, like carpooling or riding a bike to work; doing this one day a week, can reduce an individual’s annual CO2 emissions by eight percent

To kick this off with you, I am giving away a full-sized bottle of Aveeno’s Shampoo and a full-sized bottle of Conditioner for Color-Treated hair to one lucky winner. This is an easy giveaway. Simply comment below (make sure to include an email address where you can be reached if you win!). For a bonus entry, tweet using the #motherhootaveeno hashtag offering a green tip and linking to this post. I will draw the winner Friday, April 15, 2011, at 7pm CST.

Good luck!



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  1. I love Aveeno products – they’re the best. My neighbor just planted an entire hill full of trees and shrubs. Since the trees will eventually make their way over to our property, does that count towards my contribution to the planet?

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