Blog Tour de Force: Monogamy Sucks by George Pappas

George Pappas’ Monogamy Sucks is a sad and hilarious romp through the swinging scene. The protagonist, Jake, decides he wants casual, non-relationship sex. He sets off to find it through ads, swinging parties, the Internet, and other means. He is desperate to avoid monogamy—and the boring sex that comes with it–at all costs!

I’ve seen this described as erotica. To me, erotica is sensual and pleasant. Monogamy Sucks is sex-filled, but the sex doesn’t seem to be enjoyed by poor Jake. He comes across as desperate and cruel much of the time. He doesn’t seem to have much “good sex,” instead going from one awkward and nasty sexual encounter to another.

Fortunately, Jake is still lovable. I spent most of the novel wanting to pat him on the back and tell him everything would be alright! He doesn’t take well to the swinging scene, which makes him likeable. I think I would have found the book much less enjoyable if he dove right into the swinging lifestyle with a successful whoop. I like that he struggles and flounders.

This book is made up of some raunchy sex scenes. So don’t read it if that sort of thing bothers or offends you. But if you’re curious, you won’t be disappointed.

Also, Pappas is available to follow on twitter and he has a blog. But now I’m wondering exactly how he researched the role…hmmm….

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