I’m Going to Do It…I am…Well, Maybe…I Think…

What has me so indecisive these days? To color or not to color. My hair.

I’ve been coloring it for so long that I’ve forgotten my real hair color. The only thing I am certain of is that I have a white streak in the front. Pretty much like my birth mother’s identical twin sister.

For some reason, this makes me feel closer to the mother I never met. It’s a link. Something that we have in common. I’d like to think that if she were alive, we could laugh about it. I could tease her about the legacy she passed to me. She’d laugh. I’ve heard she had a great sense of humor.

Beyond this connection, I am waffling. I am too young to be so white. Heck, I’m too young to be the mother of nearly-17 year old twins. Or to be married to a man who’s turning 52 in October. I’m too young to have graduated from high school 25 years ago!

Jim looks pretty good for being nearly 52 years old. What if people think I am his mother or something equally as horrifying? It’s been hard enough when he gets carded at the grocery store for wine samples and I don’t.

If I could be guaranteed that I would have some really great white/gray hair I would have no problem with this. There’s a lady at my library who is absolutely stunning with her grey hair. She doesn’t look old at all. She looks elegant and classy.

I’m afraid I’ll just look old and used up. Beaten down by life. Pale and lifeless. Dull. Bored.

Since there are no guarantees, I pretty much have to go with it. It will be an experiment.

It’s been almost 12 weeks since I had my hair colored. I opted not to at my last hair appointment. I told myself it was to save money. But I think I was just daring myself to try it.

I did break down and used a rinse a few weeks ago. Within a week, my white hair in front was back to being white. I have no interest in dying my hair every week! I’m not that high maintenance!

I could even cut my hair a little shorter to hurry along this experiment.

I’ve never been afraid to try anything with my hair before. I mean, it grows back. I’ve grown out enough haircuts through the ages that I am not happy with.

I’d love to hear from those of you who color and those who don’t. What do you think? Want to join me in the pact to let it go? To live free of the dye bottle? To try to be natural?

That’s another thing. I’ve been on an environmental kick lately, and somehow covering my body with chemicals that then get washed into the sewer system just doesn’t seem right. If I won’t kill a bug, can I really poison one?!

Let me hear from you!

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