Aveeno Ambassador: Summer Skin Protection & Giveaway

I am being compensated by Aveeno and Recyclebank for my support of this program. Aveeno has provided me with full-sized products for my personal use and to use as giveaways. They have provided the full-sized products to be given away this month. Any errors in communicating Aveeno or Recyclebank’s missions, products, or programs are on my part.

Summer skin protection is a big issue with me. Even before being diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome and developing an incredible sun sensitivity, I was leery of the sun after reading about the rising incidents of skin cancer. After a childhood and early adulthood spent burning and tanning every summer, I knew I was at risk.

I’ve been lax about getting my skin screenings at my dermatologist. But I’m not lax about using sun screen every day. Finding a sun screen that is nice enough to wear daily isn’t always easy though.

Luckily, Aveeno has a sunscreen that works perfectly for me! Aveeno’s Hydrosport Sunblock Lotion is my choice for this summer! I’m excited about the way the lotion goes on. It isn’t sticky or hard to spread. It actually does flow like a body lotion. After it’s applied, it doesn’t immediately have nor does it develop later, that sticky, oily feel so many sunscreens do as the day wears on. I’ve been using it for awhile and even on our recent hot Chicagoland days, I never felt it.

If you, like me, have been lax about getting your annual skin screening, you’re in luck! Aveeno and The Skin Cancer Foundation are teaming up with RiteAid pharmacies to bring the screenings to you! Check out the tour dates here and make a date with yourself (and your Bestie?!) to go get screened!

Oh! Have you been to Aveeno’s Facebook page lately? This month’s pledge is to reduce plastic bottle waste! If you’ve been reading Motherhoot for awhile, you know this one is near and dear to my heart! I’m always trying to be greener! I never buy bottled water. We have a filter on the refrigerator water dispenser. It’s been several years since we’ve given up the bottled water, but we haven’t missed it. If you’re still using plastic water bottles, please consider giving them up. There are adorable water bottles that can be reused again and again.

For this month’s giveaway, I have an assortment of Aveeno sun products. To register, please comment. I will draw a winner on May 19th, after 5pm central standard time. For a bonus entry, tweet about this post, using the #motherhootaveeno hashtag. Good luck!


12 thoughts on “Aveeno Ambassador: Summer Skin Protection & Giveaway

  1. I have eczema that waxes and wains depending on factors I have yet to identify. Aveeno is the only brand of products I can use that do not make the whole mess even worse. I have quite a routine from bathing in the oatmeal bath to using the lavender scented baby lotion (it smells nice) and sunscreen on top of that. I also love that tub of lotion (it is at home so I don’t know the name of the specific product, but it is fabulous!!!

  2. It is time to start thinking about sunscreen again – YAY!! I love the time outdoors. I would love to win! Thanks for the giveaway.
    siswins2 at gmail dot com

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