50 Books: I’ll Walk Alone by Mary Higgins Clark

On Goodreads, Mary Higgins Clark has been described as “low key” and comforting “like a warm blanket or favorite sweater.” That’s why I keep reading her year after year…because she is predictable. Clark has found her formula and works it quite well.

In I’ll Walk Alone, interior designer, Zan Moreland is living the nightmare of having her son abducted. Zan goes to a meeting, leaving her son, Matthew, in the care of a teenager babysitter. The child is abducted in broad daylight after the sitter falls asleep in the park. On the second anniversary of the tragedy, events conspire to make Zan–and all those around her–question her sanity, as well as her part in the horrific crime. An irate ex-husband and a now-older former babysitter, who’s tired of being the scapegoat, conspire to bring the story back into the limelight. Pictures surfacing of Zan taking the child herself make everyone re-think her innocence in the crime. Using the very current, very real crime of identity theft to round out the plot, Clark pens the story of Zan’s life going into a tailspin.

Clark offers many different suspects. I’ll Walk Alone isn’t as easy to guess as other Clark novels.

If you’re looking for a light summer beach read, this book is perfect.


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