Guest Blogger Imogene Duckworthy (aka Kaye George): Thoughts on Motherhood

I’m so glad Susie is letting me post here today. Since my mystery came out a little over two weeks ago, though, the truth is that I’m about blogged out. I’ve done a LOT of blogging trying to promote the dang book. So I thought I’d let Imogene Duckworthy take this one. She’s the sleuth in CHOKE and doesn’t mind stepping up the the plate occasionally.


HI! Immy here! I know a lot about mothers since I have one. I guess everyone does, right? But not everyone lives with theirs when they’re twenty-two years old. That’s not something I’m proud of, but what can I do? I never got the name of that cute trucker–the guy that’s my daughter’s father, so her daddy can’t support us. I don’t even remember the trucking company he worked for. I was kinda distracted that night.

I wouldn’t give up my daughter for anything, even though she complicates my life. I named her Nancy Drew after my role model. Unfortunately, Drew is three now and all she thinks about are Barbie dolls. What kind of a role model is that, I ask you? I wish mother wouldn’t buy them for her all the time.

The money I make working waiting tables for Uncle Huey doesn’t permit me to live anywhere but with Mother. She gets a pension that’s more than I make. I love Mother to death, but she stifles me a little. All I want is to be a detective, like my dear, departed Daddy. Mother is horrified when I say this, so I don’t say it too much.

But you know what? I finally understand, after having my own baby, how much Mother really does love me. I can look at her actions through the lens of that love, if I’m not too mad about what she’d saying right then, and I can appreciate everything she’s done for me.

And I can hope that my daughter will someday know how much I love her. After all, I don’t take the Barbies away. Much as I’d like to.

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