Parents Run Amok

Recently, I have heard of two different events in my town about parents going to battle for their children. I don’t want to get into details because I don’t have enough information.

What I have heard is that these parents are going full throttle to get justice for their children. It seems they will try anything to get what they perceive is deserved.

Since the kids involved are both adults or near-adults–they are seniors in high school–I wonder what the parents really hope to accomplish. At what point does a parent stop going to bat for a child? Is there an age limit? Should there be?

Mostly, I wonder how the kids feel. Are they rooting for their parents? Are they happy to stand back and let someone else fight for them? Or are they embarrassed?

Personally, I’m leaning toward embarrassment. Teenagers are, by nature, embarrassed of their parents at all times. They want parents to disappear upon command. They don’t want to admit they have parents.

Surely a vocal, reporter-calling parent earns the same adolescent disdain.

Both events could have been handled with no fuss. Both kids could have ended their high school careers with the knowledge that they did a great job. Instead, they are ending high school with painful, public reminders that they weren’t the best. They are, by now, realizing that the parental interference did nothing but bring to light to everyone that they weren’t the best.

I wonder how they feel about themselves. I wonder what they think about their parents’ disappointment in their runner-up status. Do they think their parents would go to any lengths to help them? Or are they wondering how important winning is in how their parents look at them?


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