Ten Things I Want to Do This Summer Vacation

Summer vacation officially started yesterday. Aaron and I celebrated by eating lunch at Long John Silvers. I know…but at least I avoided McDonald’s, Old Country Buffet, and CeCe’s! Every summer I vow to do something productive and every summer ends with me shaking my head, wondering where the days went.

This summer I want to…

  1. Visit the B’hai Temple
  2. Go to the Chicago Botanic Gardens
  3. Clean some closets in the house
  4. Reorganize the garage studio.
  5. Read Hunger Games with Aaron
  6. Dye yarn and use it in a project
  7. Visit Morton Arboretum
  8. Write
  9. Visit the Farnsworth House
  10. Find a Bass Outlet store and replace the loafers I foolishly donated to Good Will.


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