For God’s Sake, Let Women Age!

I fretted about letting my hair go grey and finally did it in March. I haven’t regretted it a single minute. Maybe a few seconds here and there. Frankly, the array of really bad dye jobs on really old women have made me happy I made the decision. My hair is in great condition; it isn’t dry and doesn’t sound “scratchy” any more.

I feel like a rebel and notice that I have joined an army of my fellow women who feel the same way. I’m not knocking the women who dye their hair. If they want to look younger and this is their way, go for it.

But I’m growing concerned that American women are embracing this impossible standard against aging. The truth is, we look better now in 2011 that our counterparts did in the 70s and 80s. Think back to old sitcoms. Bob Newhart and Suzanne Pleshette looked ancient in The Bob Newhart Show.

This weekend’s cover on one of the gossip rags, makes me think that the sanity of the people who perpetuate this No Aging propaganda to American women are certifiably insane. I’m not giving them any air time by naming them. Other than the covers I wouldn’t read one if it came free. Heck, I didn’t read one single issue of Field & Stream when it mysteriously started arriving at our door! I haven’t read a single issue of People magazine since their declared Kate Gosselin of the reverse mullet a “most fascinating person” a few years ago.

I think the purpose of the cover of the unnamed rag was to identify bad cosmetic surgery. There were before and after pictures of celebrities. Yes, every woman looked worse in the after photo. That was the point. But two of the women identified made me shake my head in horror.

Cher was identified because she has *gasp* crows feet. Really? How dare she?! I researched Cher and discovered she was born in 1946. She’s 65 years old, for God’s sake. Can’t she have some crows feet?! Is she supposed to keep having plumping treatments and dermabrasion for the rest of her life so she doesn’t look her age? Actually, for someone who’s 65, she looks marvelous!

Goldie Hawn was identified and I thought she looked grandmotherly. Again, she’s 65 years old and she is a grandmother. She’s still lovely.

Why are magazine covers and our fickle society telling these women that they cannot age? Why are we letting ourselves fall for this message?! Don’t we deserve to embrace our crows feet and laugh lines? I think of mine as proof that I’ve had an expressive life. I wouldn’t want to be botoxed for anything! How could I give my sons the evil eye if nothing on my face moved?!

One way to stand up for ourselves is not to buy these magazines. I’ve stopped reading most women’s magazines because of their psychotic messages about loving yourself and changing yourself. Another way is not to buy into the message that 65 year old women aren’t allowed to have wrinkles. Don’t they deserve their wrinkles?

No we can’t remain youthful forever. But we don’t need to fight aging with every fighting breath. I’m not perfect. Yesterday I almost swooned at the affordable price tag on Cindy Crawford’s beauty regimen. Imagine! I could have the skin of a 45 year old former super model instead of the skin of a 45 year old suburban housewife!

4 thoughts on “For God’s Sake, Let Women Age!

  1. Big sigh! I admit it…I color my hair at 45. I’ve been doing it for about 15 years. Women in my family go gray very young and at 30 I certainly wasn’t ready for gray hair. I’ve kept doing it because once the gray comes in, it looks silly. And yes, it makes me look old. I’m not ready to look older yet.

    My Aunt, who I resemble more than her own daughters do, colored her hair until she was almost 60. Now at 65, she has let it all go gray and she looks fabulous. She looks like a grandmother (she is) but she has gorgeous long gray hair. So… maybe when I’m a little older I’ll stop the dye jobs, but at the moment, I’d rather look like my kids mother than their grandmother.

    • It’s not so much the hair color that bothers me. It’s the pressure to do it from society. If someone wants to color their hair, that great. But doing it because the media and the people around you make you feel it’s necessary is sad!

      BTW, I found my first grey hair at 23! I was devastated! Now my white hair is pretty difficult to color…which is one reason I gave up on the color! It was costing me a fortune!

      xo Susie

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