What The Heck Is A Fat Girl To Do?!

Did you know there are rules for fat people? I didn’t understand this until I saw the Carrie Fisher Jenny Craig ad where she said that she can now wear colors. She couldn’t wear colors? Until she lost 30 pounds?! Who made this rule? How come I didn’t know about it?! Unknowingly, all these years I have been breaking this rule.

I propose that Carrie Fisher looked so awful in her pre-weight loss Jenny Craig ads because she was mopey, slumpy, and generally disheveled looking. She slumped on that couch looking like a smile might exhaust her. Was that her true persona? Or was that the marketing genius at Jenny Craig?

Jenny Craig has a tendency to turn their after-weight loss spokeswomen into perky people. Valerie Bertinelli…Sarah Rue…Kirstie Alley… Honestly, the Sarah Rue after commercial made me feel like I was watching a soft porn movie. I wanted to cover my sons’ eyes so they couldn’t watch her roll around pool side in her 1950s-ish swimsuit.

On another commercial (I’ve blocked the company from my mind) a weight loss success announces that her face hurts from smiling. She never smiled as a fat person? Not even once? Perhaps that was why she was miserable and not the extra weight. Just a thought.

Amidst the discovery that I was breaking all the fat people’s rules, Ragen Chastain had this to say about calories. And crapped all over my entire belief system. How many years have I counted calories? What could I have been doing with all that time I’ve spent looking up food calories and writing them down? How many years have I beat myself up because the calorie deficit wasn’t causing weight loss?! A Yahoo Health article explained it all to me again.

Basically, every person in America thinks about calories. Even if you’re not consciously tracking them for weight loss or weight gain, you still see them everywhere. They are on menus influencing what you order. They are on packaging, leading you to believe that they are a true measurement of…well, of something!

Now I am flummoxed. I thought I knew the rules about calories and was wrong. I didn’t know there were official rules for fat people, and feel left out. Frankly, I need to take to my bed to re-think everything I know…

8 thoughts on “What The Heck Is A Fat Girl To Do?!

  1. Hi Susie,

    I remember going through this exact same thought process. If everything I knew about weight loss and health was wrong (right down to the idea that I had to lose weight to be healthy) then what was I going to do. That’s when I learned about Health at Every Size. It was a face-palm moment – if I wanted to be healthy, I should focus on healthy habits. I hope that you are getting some good, thought-clearing sleep and you know I’m here to support you in whatever you decide about your health. As far as the fat girl rules, I’m just as flummoxed as you are. When I heard Grammy and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson say that before Weight Watchers her “whole life was can’t” I almost fell out of my chair. I understand that WW wants us to believe that no accomplishments will be worth anything until we are thin, but I was disappointed that Jennifer Hudson would jump on the band wagon. I think I’ll keep wearing colors, horizontal strips, and basically whatever else I damn well please and enjoying my big fat successes 🙂



    • Thanks, Ragen! It is a confusing road to travel! I have had a mind switch to where I cannot even watch a diet commercial nor read a magazine article about a diet without cringing. I mean, when I read the recent Woman’s Day article stating we need to cut out school bake sales for the sake of the children’s health, while the cover featured a cupcake made to look like corn on the cob, I shook my head and resolved that it’s not the magazine for me!

      xo Susie

  2. The way I see it… if you are THAT unhappy with yourself and your life then it isn’t the weight… it’s your head. Yes, you can be overweight and be perfectly happy. The problem is that for most people, losing weight is just that… losing weight. It doesn’t miraculously make your life better… or happier. That comes from within.

    I hate that every morsel of food on a restaurant menu is followed by the calorie content. You know I have girls… it is so frustrating to go out to dinner and have my kids NOT order something because “Look Mom, that has over 1,000 calories.” Ugh! We are supposed to be teaching our daughters that looks don’t matter… that everybody has a different body size and shape… and they STILL have models in magazines who we won’t ever look like… and everywhere we go it is stuck in our faces how many calories we are consuming. It’s ridiculous.

    And come to think of it… isn’t it the people who are dieting all the time who never seem to actually lose any weight?

    • Carolyn, you are right on the money about losing weight won’t automatically change your life. That’s something that has to be done inside yourself. You have a great point about the mixed messages we send our daughters (and our sons, for that matter!). Looks and body shape don’t matter, but, god forbid!, you be fat!

      xo Susie

  3. I saw that commercial where she said she could now wear colors too. Oy vey. I wish for the life of me that I could remember the last line in the commercial. It was so odd and it made me pause. It was something she whispered, I think. Do you remember?

    • I’ll have to pay attention to the commercial, next time I see. Which won’t be long because it seems to be on A Lot! There were several comments throughout the commercial that made palm meet forehead!

      xo Susie

  4. I think she said her face hurt from smiling not because she never smiled while overweight but because she was happier after she lost the weight. I remember how my mom always said she was so much happier and felt like life was so much more enjoyable after she lost almost 30 lbs. It was mosly from a boost in confidence in her body that made her feel so happy. Of course declaring this is a great marketing technique for their prduct but my mother did it from hard work and dedication… zero supplements or weight loss pills. I am a personal trainer and will tell you for a fact you don’t need any pills. Do your research, find a good diet where you eat less calories than your body uses, eat smart healthy fats and lift weights and do cardio and you will see results. Americans have become lazy and think their is some magic pill to do all the work for you but that’s false unless you take steroids which I wouldn’t suggest. Losing weight is about being disciplined and not givng up. Also their are no rules for being overweight. I love seing overweight people at the gym working hard, wearing what they want, and being confident!

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