Buddha Mom Has Left The Building

I have lost Buddha Mom and I don’t know where she is. In case you’re new, Buddha Mom is my almost-perfect mother persona. She’s the patient woman who coos and speaks politely to her children. She’s the one who lovingly greets her husband.

And she’s gone.

Frankly, she started fading when summer started. A houseful of surly boys fueled the fade. A messy house stoked the fade. Poof! She was gone!

Today I had to leave the house because I wanted to hurt Aaron. I know you’re thinking, “What could the angel child have done?!”

He managed to run up a $533 data bill on his cell phone. That’s merely two weeks of downloading and subscribing to games and ringtones. Of course, this was done with our new cell phone carrier, which was supposed to make sure that the boys’ phones would have no Internet access. Somehow, Aaron’s slipped throughout the cracks!

Now we’re waiting to see what the cell phone company is prepared to do about this. There seems to be some question about the ability of the company to block data access. Really? Are all other pre-teen and teenage children so self-controlled that they don’t access data when told not to?

Or am I the only one with kids who hear “don’t” but “do” instead? I know that’s not true, because it’s an actual psychological phenomenon. People (of all ages!) do think “do” when told “don’t.” Try it out. Tell someone in your house “don’t do x” and see what their reaction is. Good luck!

Honestly, I don’t know who I am angrier with: the cell phone carrier or Aaron himself. I had higher expectations for the carrier. I’m waiting to see what they do about this before reserving judgment. I’m assuming I’m not the first parent to request non data access. But I also had expectations of Aaron to not ignore the “no downloading” rider that came with the cell phone.

Maybe Buddha Mom’s not missing…maybe she’s just withered up with disappointment…



4 thoughts on “Buddha Mom Has Left The Building

  1. Oh dear… I’m so panicked about stuff like this. We are getting our oldest daughter a cell phone for her 12th birthday (in January) and while I do want her to be able to text me, I DON’T want her being able to get on the internet and download stuff. We have Verizon… who is your carrier. I know she is very responsible, but still… Just because you don’t pay for internet access doesn’t mean you can’t get on and then be charged for the time. Obviously you found that out. I’d love to hear what your carrier is going to do about it.

    • Our new carrier is Verizon! So far they have agreed to reverse the data charges, but are balking at the game download charges. I pointed out that we would not have the charges if the phone had been set up correctly…

      xo Susie

  2. I love “Buddha Mom” and am totally stealing it! And no, Aaron is not the only child who hears “don’t and then “does”. Breathe in, breathe out…repeat.

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