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A few weeks ago, I woke at four in the morning to hear a conversation between Aaron and Jim. Aaron had seen a spider in his room. This wouldn’t be a big deal–except Aaron (and Jim!) are both afraid of spiders. Jim told Aaron to go back to sleep and left to go running. He would return to the house around six in the evening.

Normally, I sleep through his exit from the house, but that morning I was left with Aaron. And Aaron was in one of his psycho-kid modes. These seem to happen during growth spurts. Since he had consumed several pounds of steak a few nights before, I was prepared for the appearance of Aaron the Horrible.

Except I wasn’t expecting it at four in the morning…

Aaron: There’s a spider in my room.

Me: Who cares? You’re a thousand times bigger than any spider. Leave me alone, I want to go back to sleep.

Aaron: It might bite me?

Me: So? It’s not going to kill you.

Aaron: How do you know? It could be a black widow. Or a brown spider. I could die.

Me: You’re not going to die. Go back to bed.

Aaron: I’ll just go downstairs.

Me: No way. You’re not watching tv already today. Go back to bed.

This continues for another hour.

I repeat “go back to bed” so many times I’m not even sure I’m saying it right. He, stubbornly, remains in the hallway. Just standing there.

I must have fallen asleep because I woke and he was gone. He was down stairs–watching TV.

Of course, I yelled for him to get back upstairs. And the great spider debate continues.

This is life with a 12 year old. Open the door for a debate and they never give up. He and his friends should be in Congress arguing for a balanced budget. Surely, they would break any impasses just because they out-lasted everyone else.

Everything is an argument. Every argument is long-lasting. They are never wrong. You are never right. They know everything. You know nothing.

It’s exhausting! Especially when you start the Great Debate at four o’clock!

I hope he doesn’t see another spider for a very long time…

9 thoughts on “Blog Gang: Spiders

  1. Oh! I remember conversations like this with a 12 year old! Now…..I kinda miss them…..okay, wait, a stupid moment there! Isn’t it funny how intense they can be?? Did the spider ever get dead or did it simply move on?

    • Jamie, the phantom spider was never seen by anyone but him! lol I can see how you’d miss the conversations with your empty nest! I keep telling myself at least he’s still talking to me!

      xo Susie

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