Techno Queen Talks: Zinio for the iPad

I am not being compensated in any way for this post. Zinio is unaware I am even writing about them.

I love love love my iPad. Take my love for the iPhone and the iPod, add in a love for magazines and that’s my love for the iPad.

For awhile I was giving up on magazines. They seemed a waste. I would page through them once–if even!–and then they would become trash. I’d given up saving them because I can get pretty much anything I need on the internet without paging through a stack of dust collectors.

Then I got the iPad.

If you haven’t tried the Zinio app, you don’t know what you’re missing! The iPad’s reading surface is large and colorful, so magazines look pretty much like their paper counterparts. But with the Zinio app, referenced links are live. So you can see something you’re interested in and immediately go check it out. No more post-it notes or scraps of paper with random websites written on them.

I especially love knitting magazines through Zinio on the iPad. And knitting books.

On top of a great app, the customer service at Zinio is exemplary. I had a problem, tweeted about it, and received instant help. It was amazing!

There is a windows computer counterpart, so you can see your magazines on any device.

Check them out!

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