50 Books: Smokin’ Seventeen by Janet Evanovich

Every June, I hold my breath. I’m so excited for the release of the latest Stephanie Plum novel, but I’m leery. Will the great writing continue? Can Stephanie have new adventures? Can something be different?

I’m pleased as punch to tell you that Smokin’ Seventeen has the old Evanovich magic written into it!

The bond office is rubble and construction of its replacement is halted when a body is found. Bodies start piling up, some with notes attached letting Stephanie know that they are for her. Mooner’s bus is the replacement office, so they are mobile. Gramma Moretti put some sort of hex on Stephanie, turning her into the neighborhood nympho. Watch out Joe and Ranger! Lula still can’t shoot. Gramma’s still using wakes as entertainment. And while she’s not trying to set up Stephanie with the new arrival in town (having giving up on all hope that Joe will ever marry her daughter), Mom is still cooking and ironing her way through the day.

I laughed out loud more than once as I read this installment. Even if you’re new to the Stephanie Plum fan club, pick this up then do yourself a favor and start with One for the Money. You can thank me later!

I”m excited because the wait for the next Stephanie Plum adventure, Explosive Eighteen, will be in November! Yahoo!

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