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Since I live in a house of giant boys, my opinion of groceries is probably different than that of single people or those with delicate flower children who don’t eat a lot. In my house, groceries are something to be procured and protected at all costs.

I start off each week with a list of meals that I will prepare. Sometimes the boys have suggestions, most of the time they don’t. Spaghetti and breakfast are weekly staples in Kline Land.

I buy everything for the week, either through a local grocery store or through Peapod. I think I save money with Peapod, despite having to pay a delivery fee, because I don’t impulse shop. I only get things that are on my list. At the local grocery store, I am tempted by sales and sparkly displays.

Even though I have a list and a plan, I still end up going to the store during the week several times. I buy deli meat at a local market because it’s cheap. I ran out of olive oil, apparently it is the drink of choice here?! Since I need some for tonight’s dinner, I’m back to the store again.

I don’t do a lot of junk food. Not only is it not a good thing, but the kids plow through it in top speed. That’s the same reason I can’t shop in bulk at Costco for snacks. Once the boys ate a 60 pack box of granola bars in two days. Three boys+two days=60 granola bars. So I buy snacks in regular size packs and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

I’m not a fan of the grocery store. Something about it turns otherwise normal people into zombies. They walk slow. They stumble along the aisles. They can’t control their carts, letting them drift left of center, ending perpendicular to traffic. As they stare blindly at the choices you can hear the low moan of the newly dead.

I also hate the cost of grocery shopping. Food is expensive! Food for five is a fortune! And it just keeps getting more costly!

Mostly, I hate the act of grocery shopping because it’s just the beginning of the work. Putting it away. Rearranging the cabinets after the boys help put it away. Cooking. Even though the twins are starting to do some of the cooking, I still need to coach them through it. Actually, the hardest part is coming up with original ideas for meals. Sometimes I’m just stuck in a rut!

I’d love to get some tips on grocery shopping. How do you do it? Do you love it or hate it? How do you come up with original meals?!


2 thoughts on “Blog Gang: Groceries

  1. A friend of mine has a 9 year old and a 13 year old, and those boys already eat a lot. I can’t imagine what their bill will be like when the boys are a little older! I have a son and a daughter, and Eric ate way more then Kristen ever did.
    We used to make a monthly menu, but it started to get to daunting when it was time to sit down and do it. Now we make a two week menu, and go shopping every other week. Our kids are grown and gone, so we don’t have to worry about Eric eating everything on day one. We end up hitting the store the second week, if something we use is on sale. I’m good about sticking to my list, unless I’m hungry when I shop. We don’t use many coupons, because we don’t eat processed foods, and that’s what most of the coupons we’ve found are for. Our garden is what saves us the biggest amount of money.
    Did you see that a new study shows that eating healthy is more expensive? I wonder how much money was spent on the study? I hope the government didn’t finance it, but I’m guessing they did!

    • Marie, we don’t do processed foods hardly anymore. I was buying jarred spaghettis sauce, but made my own this week with crushed tomatoes and tomato sauce and it was good, so I’ll be stopping that. The only canned things I buy are tomatoes and beans (pinto, navy, etc.). Otherwise everything is frozen or fresh.

      The twins love fruit, but they plow through it like they do candy. It’s nothing for 5 pounds of grapes to disappear in an afternoon. I guess that’s better than 5 pounds of candy!

      I didn’t see that study. I’ve seen things saying it isn’t any more expensive to eat healthy. But just look at a restaurant menu: burgers are $6 at a sit down place and salads are $10. I don’t see many salads on most of the fast food menu dollar menus.

      I’m worried now that the boys will be giant junk food junkies when they leave the house because it’s been so rarely available here…

      xo Susie

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