50 Books: The Talk Radio Series by Mary Kennedy

I love to read a book series! I like the idea of getting to know a character and sharing in her adventures book after book. That’s why I read all three of the books in Mary Kennedy’s Talk Radio Series.

Maggie Walsh, former Manhattan psychologist, has traded in her couch in the big city, for a radio show in wee Cyprus Grove, Florida. She’s given up private practice and forensic consulting for On The Couch with Maggie. She has a new age roommate, an actress mother who refuses to act her age, a big-haired producer (“the higher the hair, the closer to God!”), and a full cast of kooky characters, including the requisite love interest, Rafe–a hot detective on the Cyprus Grove police force.

In the first novel, Dead Air, a new-age guru is murdered after appearing on Maggie’s radio show. She rushes in to fix things when it looks like her roommate, Lark, is the number one suspect.

In Reel Murder Maggie’s mom, Lola, gets a role in a movie being filmed in Cyprus Grove. Maggie gets a job consulting on the set. And almost everyone witnesses the murder of one of the stars. Who knew the prop gun was really loaded?

Stay Tuned for Murder finds Cyprus Grove celebrating the town’s anniversary of a time capsule. Plus, Maggie finds a psychic trying to horn her way into her own radio gig via On The Couch with Maggie. Elderly women are murdered, townspeople are acting strangely, strangers are appearing and not being truthful why.

These are fun reads and a nice way to pass some time. I wish we got to know everyone a little better, though. Personally, I’d like to see more of the relationship of Maggie and Rafe. Hopefully, Kennedy will cover some of that in the next book!


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