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You can probably guess that as a mom, I am always excited when back-to-school time rolls around each year. Yes, that excites me to no end.

But I get this strange excited tingle when I see school supplies. Yes, virgin notebooks, unsharpened pencils, new pens, and packages of index cards make me swoon.

Back to school is a starting over time. Even decades after being done with school, I still think of September as the real New Year. Lots of changes can happen over the summer! Well, more when we were younger. Long hair becomes short. Dark hair becomes blonde. Pasty white skin becomes tan.

And we get clean notebooks. Do you agree that the first page of an empty notebook holds so much promise? That first page beckons you to do great things. It calls out to you to be creative and exciting.

And we get pens. I love pens. The smooth roll of the perfectly balanced pen in my hand is a sweet caress across the magic paper. Ink that flows without stuttering makes me smarter and wittier.

If I could be a pen reviewer, I would be. Is there such a job?! Because the perfect pen has very distinct qualifications. Balanced. Smooth. Not to wide, and, definitely, not to thin–it needs to be just right!

Don’t even get me started on that virgin box of crayons…


3 thoughts on “Blog Gang: Back to School

  1. And to truly be “just right,” I suggest getting a GREEN PEN. A BIG GREEN PEN! I agree with you, Susie, about that feel of the beginning of school. We had it 8/22/11, so we’re in the thick of it but we should all take a deep breath and enjoy the promise of the virgin notebooks!!

  2. @biggreenpen@biggreenpen Yes, a big green pen! I was at Target strolling the now-clearance priced school supplies. All those empty notebooks made me swoon just a bit…

    By the way, Aaron wasn’t allowed to take red pens/pencils or permanent markers to his new school! They made no mention of bans on green pens, though…

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